Cure for seasonal blues is colour and warmth

Kim Lewis

Kim Lewis

Dreary and glum! Is everyone finding that they are turning on more lights and cranking up the heat? The mental shift we make at this time of year can be difficult, especially when it happens so suddenly! As Canadians we are adept at switching to winter. Sweaters are pulled from drawers and we immediately begin to bundle ourselves bracing for the onslaught that is our winter season.

The grey days can have a monumental effect on people’s mindset – some folks I have met have a distinctive reaction to grey weather and are more apt to succumb to seasonal blues. The immediate cure for seasonal sadness is colour and warmth and music. This is my formula and is not recommended by any physician as far as I know!

Colour is the immediate release for seasonal sadness – flood your environment with oranges/green/red and yellow for an instant pick me up. Use products and home fragrance items that have a citrus-based scent.

The combination of bright colour and citrus will trick your senses into believing you are in a warm, tropical locale. This might be a perfect time to paint a room a rich colour or to buy new accessories (personal or home) in distinctive shades. You respond to colours whether you are aware or not – the sight of red or orange will speed up your heart rate and body temperature!

Warmth is essential as we careen into winter. That chill may not leave us for six months! Invest in socks, mitts, cozy blankets in sumptuous colours and bundle up! Make time to sit in coffee shops and pubs which have fireplaces and read a book while you soak up the warmth and ambiance of a fire.

If you are lucky enough to have one in your home, take full advantage of this beautiful decorative feature! Bring warmth into your home with rich colours and soft textures.

A chocolate brown chenille sofa on a deep shag carpet will feel infinitely warmer than a white leather sofa on a hardwood floor. Winter is a good time to texturize and accessorize your home and yourself. Wrap it all up in warmth.

Music is always my personal prescription for anything which ails you. No matter what season it is fuel for the soul to settle into a comfy chair and listen to your favorite music, whether live or at home. Even better is to have live music in your home, but that’s another article!

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Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre. Feel free to contact her at 343-7711 ext 227, email her at or join her facebook group called “Ask a Designer”