Kim Lewis

Kim Lewis

Cozy ideas for your home this winter

As I drove to work this morning I saw snow! We have had a fabulous fall so I shouldn’t complain, winter arrives every year ‘weather’ we want it to or not. As I was driving the snow made my mind go to a cozier place in regards to my home and office life – all the good things winter can allow us to have.

Flannel, chenille and fur (faux of course). The warm, snuggly fabrics that we cast off in the summer can now be used in all its’ fuzziness. Flannel sheets and warm chenille throws are a must for cold winter days and nights. Fuzzy lined boots and gloves will leave you feeling protected and snug. Sweaters and jackets in sizzling shades are a must if we are to get through winter stylishly!

Consider the environment of your home this winter, it is a natural time to add curtains and warm drapery. Add ambient lighting to your rooms with lamps and candlelight. Imagine how snug you feel sitting in a dimly lit room looking at your Christmas tree – the room isn’t actually warmer temperature wise but you perceive warmth because the light is enfolding you. The glow of lighting can change your perception of the temperature in a room.

Add sound to your rooms, especially if there is a bitter wind blowing outside. A water feature or crackling fire log will erase the sounds of mother natures fury. Enjoy your favorite tropical sound track or play a little Bob Marley to ease your mind and make every little thing alright. Denial is the name of the game when you are stuck inside during a winter blizzard.

The sense of smell is a powerful way to alter your state of mind. On a cold morning if I pull out the coconut body butter I instantly think of summer. What are your favorite scents of summer – you might want to keep them nearby for when you need a mid winter boost. Scent your home with your favorite summer fragrances using essential oils.

I saw a home recently that had small lights strung in their trees and thought it was a wonderful addition to dress up trees for winter. White lights can be used all season long and give our trees a lovely glow instead of leaving them standing naked all winter. It can be a beautiful focal point outside a window or favorite retreat spot in your home as you relax and look outside – it gives you something warm and decorative to gaze at and will keep you from focusing on the bare trees in your yard.

Be good to yourself this winter, use creative and environmentally sensitive choices to warming up your world. While I don’t agree with letting your car run for hours while you get ready, you can warm it up enough to clear the windows and pop into your vehicle with a steaming mug of coffee and a hot water bottle while you tackle your morning commute. Natural buckwheat or beanbags used for muscle relaxation are a fantastic way of warming up a chair or your sheets before you turn in for the evening, instead of relying on an electric blanket. Natural goose down is a perfect choice for a mattress cover or blanket as it has excellent insulation qualities.

Stay warm, stay positive and enjoy your comforts this winter!

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre. Feel free to contact her at 403-343-7711 ext. 227, email her at or join her facebook group called ‘Ask a Designer’.