: Cheering fans needed in Centrium

Years back the B.C. Lions football club ran TV ads that simply said cheering helps. The situations were about cheering at the grocery store and random places where by cheering, it immediately results in a positive outcome.

When someone does something good, and you’re happy for them, so what do you do? You cheer. What about sports? Is cheering important? I think so. When I attended a recent Rebels game, I noted to someone who is at all the games that this crowd seemed really into the game. “They were really loud!” I said. The person replied, “That’s how they used to be back in their Memorial Cup days.”

If you attended every game the Rebels have had in the past three years you may wonder if it was a crowd of ‘fans’? Or if it was a group of library attendees.

Look, I know the guys in the jumbotron. I know many people who have traveled to different rinks and they all say the same thing, the Enmax Centrium is not very loud.

Now take a look at the Winnipeg Jets. For the past 16 years, Winnipeg has been begging for a hockey team and finally they were able to acquire one. Their fans are rabid and gracious to have their team back and the atmosphere playing there is more than many expected. The players love it, and opposing teams say, ‘it’s tough to play there’. Mission accomplished Winnipeg fans.

You see Red Deer, there is nothing we can physically do at a hockey game that will affect the opposing team except cheer (that includes you dumb fan who has had too many adult pops and decides to run onto the ice).

Nothing but noise affects the other team and your team better. Lets change the Centrium from a kind building to play in, to a raucous building with fans that won’t be quiet. The end result will be inspired play from our Rebels, and straight up fear from opposing teams.

Before they even step foot in the building.