Challenging mind and body key to personal growth

Erin Fawcett

Erin Fawcett

I always find it interesting to ask people to tell you something not many people know about them.

One thing that I can tell you that many people don’t know about me is that I’ve always wanted to be a runner.

I have no idea why or where this thought even started from, but it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for years and I’ve even attempted it a few times.

Every spring and summer as I drive or walk my dog I envy the runners that I see along the road. I want to be like them.

Over the last number of years I can confess however to going out and buying a brand new pair of runners, new exercise clothes and an iPod because I was determined to be a runner – and of course these are the things that would help me to automatically become one. Oddly enough, that’s not the way it works.

After a couple of attempts at just running “cold”, without any direction or knowing exactly how to do it I found myself giving up.

The next day I would be so stiff and sore that I could barely walk. This was a huge turnoff and I would quit and think it wasn’t for me – maybe not everyone is meant for running. This quickly became a cycle.

Little did I know, I was doing it wrong all along.

I’ve recently found out there is a method to learning to run. Who knew? You can’t just set out and run – we’ll I guess you could but it’s probably not the best way to do it. And for me, that way was obviously not working.

I talked with my trainer about learning to run and he was on board with helping me attain this goal. This was all I needed to move forward.

This brings me to today – I have recently signed up for the Woody’s RV 10K run which is set to take place on May 22 in Red Deer. Can you say scary? I registered and hit the “complete form” button before I even had a chance to rethink this craziness.

I decided that I was going to take the plunge, sign up for something so I have to commit to and just get it done. I am going to force myself to be a runner.

I started training about a month ago and things have gone reasonably well. I’m training on an interval program where you run for so many minutes and walk for so many each session. And of course this keeps building and building each week.

There have been times when running feels easy and I feel like I could keep going and going. And then there have been times where no matter what I do I can’t get in my groove and every step and breath is a struggle – I just pray for these types of sessions to be over quickly.

These are the days I have to really focus on the goal and remember that I can do it and will succeed. For me, it’s a mental battle more than anything.

So my thoughts now as I’m training for this event are of excitement, nervousness and to be quite honest, I am a little scared. My goal this time is just to finish although secretly (or maybe not so secretly now) I hope to finish in less than 60 minutes.

In just one short month I’ve really learned that challenging yourself is good – challenging yourself physically and mentally help you to strive for and achieve greater things in life.

If you aren’t reaching for anything or pushing yourself to do better, than what do you have to look forward to?

Wish me luck!