CFL predictions revisited

Back in September I made some CFL, predictions. But really they were observations (that’s what you say when all your predictions are wrong).

Actually, I was bang on. Nothing surprised me. I said that the east was Montreal’s division to lose. And I was right, they did. They lost the east division. The Bombers won the division by default. The keyword is the ‘won’. Hullo!

In the west I told you to believe in the Lions and that the Riders suck. Look, the Riders always suck, so that’s not news. But the Lions being for real caught many off guard after their terrible start. I’m sure Lions’ fans are glad that Wally Buono wasn’t fired.

I also said that Edmonton and Calgary would duke it out for first place in the west. And I was partially right about that. They did duke it out, along with the Lions.

So now is the time to make predictions. The next time I’ll talk about the CFL is right before Grey Cup.

In the west, B.C. has to be your favourite right? Wrong, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that B.C.’s bye week hurts their momentum. The winner of the Esks versus Stamps — the battle of Alberta, the battle of Hwy. 2 — will surprise the Lions in the Terror-Dome (that’s my nickname for B.C. Place because no one has won a game there).

The Stamps and Lions will meet and I think the Stamps can win this game. If they take advantage of the early sloppy play of the Lions, the Stamps can punch a ticket to ‘er…back to Vancouver for the Grey Cup.

In the east, I’m going to say that the raucous Winnipeg crowd and a healthy Buck Pierce will beat whomever they face. I repeat, this only happens with a healthy Buck Pierce. The bye week should have the opposite effect for the Bombers who were banged up heading into the final week of football. They could use the rest.

So in the Grey Cup, I say it’s Winnipeg versus Calgary.

If not, it’s B.C. versus Montreal, or B.C. versus Winnipeg or…. never mind, it’s the CFL, anything can happen.