Another opinion to ‘dangerous dog’ letter

I have to agree with your letter from Mark Gaboury. I had a similar thing happen to me in Devon and when I reported it to the peace officer there it’s the same old.

Unless the dog actually bites you there is nothing they can do despite the fact that the dog frightened you. And I was under the understanding that if a dog was not on a leash in the City that was breaking a bylaw?

It always seems to be the way now a days — one law for one person and another way to bend the law for someone else. I also agree with the smoking ban and the way Mark makes his point.

So to stop a lot of issues with dogs who attack or get a thrill from it shouldn’t dogs be muzzled when out in public?

Now this will really madden the dog owners. That being said I am a dog owner myself and would have no problems with muzzling my dog. Making the dog parks a safer place to take your dog has a lot of animal attacks happen there for no reason other than people not able to control there dogs.

How many people a year are attacked or animals by other nasty dogs for no reason?

At least that way other people’s dogs are safe, children would be safe as would everyone.

I am a responsible dog owner and that’s where the issues lies when people are not. It’s not the dogs fault, it’s the owners. But as I say the law is bent for different people. Very sad I must say.

Tracy Dodd

Red Deer