Add some green and coral to your space

Spring is here! Despite the freak snowstorm that I drove through today I am very optimistic that it is finally here. I have seen new calves and ponies frolicking as I drive to work and yesterday I was witness to a mom and her baby moose as they chewed new foliage on the trees. Speaking of that new foliage, isn’t it the green hue amongst the trees glorious? It is so wonderful to see these colours popping up everywhere; it gives me a sense of renewal.

Green is in, green is hot yet cool and has a vibrancy and a timelessness like no other. Green can be ‘greyed’ down to almost a neutral or it can be punched up to a bright and citrusy fresh accent. Whether toned with blues or yellows your perfect shade of green is available for any decorating theme. The brighter and more impact the colour has the more it flows with contemporary themes which include white and bright neutrals. The deep and dark side to green is generally used in more formal or traditional interiors and pairs well with rich dark woods and accents. Try to imagine sparkling lime green on the walls of a traditional home framed and finished in dark mahogany — it’s just wrong!

The reason I can confidently make the call on green being the hot tip this season is because I see it so regularly. Drapery fabric, bedding, clothing, tiles, paint all give me the tips that green is the go to colour for this spring. If you aren’t sure about your love for green, pay a visit and look up C2-199 Serendipity or C2-200 New Leaf, or drop by and get a free sample from me.

Enough about green, onto coral! Whether you refer to is as Salmon Pink, coral or peach, this colour has returned into home décor and fashion. Check out C2-092 TomFoolery or C2-059 Savannah to familiarize yourself with this stunning hue. I was shopping with a client in Sims Furniture yesterday and almost tripped over the most beautiful coral and grey velvet sofa and love seat, it blew my mind. I was so excited to see the colour displayed at Sims and Urban Home as I shopped, it is as delicious as those tiny green leaves that the moose were devouring.

The colours of spring are all around us you can introduce vibrancy into your home with the simplest of accessories. A glass vase filled with granny smith apples set against a white backdrop will burst into your home and pump up the spring of your décor. It is a simple yet effective accent which will ease you into a fresh, bright colour for your home.

Its about the colour, you deserve it! You have had a long, dreary winter and I authorize you to draw a little colour into your life. I promise it will lift your spirits and refresh your creativity as you design a refreshing new space in your home. Experiment with green and coral and throw a little bit of vibrant teal for an incredible accent. These hues will bring happy to your home.

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre. Contact her at 403-343-7711 ext 227 or email her at