Young fans ponder the Rebels season

Halloween has come and gone and most had a frightfully fun weekend. You can even mark Sunday, Oct. 30th as the official send off from autumn. Let’s face it; we won’t be getting too many more 15 degrees above days in the near future.

But how cold will winter be for Red Deer Rebels fans. Will they be ok? Prior to the Sunday, Red Deer got the scary news that we had hoped wouldn’t come. The official news the Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, (the next one) will not be sent back to Red Deer.

The next day the Rebels put a whuppin’ on the Lethbridge Hurricanes, in the Hurricanes own kitchen.

So the Rebels made their statement, but what do the people of Red Deer think. Well why not ask? And why go to them, when they come to you, Trick or Treating.

“I think he’s still coming back,” said eight-year-old Ethan, AKA Batman.

“I don’t think he is,” I told the little boy. He replied by sticking his bag out further. Perhaps he’s a little young but he’s a fan. Not the most informed fan, but a fan nonetheless.

“He’s gonna win rookie of the year,” said 13-year-old Tristan, dressed as the Grim Reaper. “And what about the Rebels?” I asked him. “Dude they suck now!”

I informed Tristan that they’re actually in great shape with a 9 and 4 record. “Really? Maybe they could win it all.” Young minds are so easy to warp, I thought.

“Yes they could win it all” I replied. Tristan proceeded to do as Ethan and stick his bag out further. My results may be skewed because those answering my questions all have something in common.

First, they’re not the most educated Rebels fans. And secondly, they really aren’t thinking about my questions and are just focused on the candy.

Does dishing out candy during a survey make the results null and void?

The last person in my survey that I’ll tell you about was dressed as SpongeBob Squarepants and he was adamant this is the Rebels year. I asked him why.

His reply, “Because they have that Dumb guy”

I laughed and told him that could be any number of players on the team.

His dad scowled and said “He meant Dumba! Matt Dumba!”

I smiled and nodded, as if to say, thanks for the info.

Well, the survey results are inconclusive at best. But for the record, most trick or treaters seem very optimistic about this year’s Rebels. Maybe it will be a nice winter after all.