Tiger’s back

By day three you want to believe. You’ve believed before but been let down on day four. But this day three was different. It was different because he was in front, in the lead, on top of the leader board.

And then on Sunday in his familiar red Nike shirt, he did it. Tiger Woods won the 2012 Arnold Palmer Invitational.

Now, I hate to tell you that I told you weeks ago that I think Tiger’s almost back. (But I did). And there you have it. The man is back. So does one win mean Tiger’s back? You bet you’re election butt it does.

There’s been a ton of controversy surrounding Tiger Woods since 2009. He had that little car accident with his wife which set off a complete investigation into his private life. Then he fired his long time caddie and best man at his wedding. Then there was the backlash from that breakup.

He also fired his coach in this period. And apparently hurting for money his former coach Hank Haney wrote about Tiger and his book is now on sale. Don’t buy it.

I can say he’s back because after multiple injuries, more cameras following his personal life than Britney Spears, a divorce, a change in coaches, a change in caddies, a media tirade by that same caddie, being dropped by multiple sponsors and now another ‘tell all’ book about his private life. He won.

In spite of all those distractions, he won the Arnold Palmer Invitational Classic. It goes without saying he’s back. And it goes without saying at 36-years-old you can’t count him you, to win the Masters which starts in two weeks.

This is what everyone who’s a casual golf fan wanted. Tiger Woods, the greatest athlete of our time, the most recognizable athlete of our time, the most controversial athlete of our time, is now back.

And yes, I’ll call him the greatest athlete of our time, because when Rory McIlroy plays golf at as high of a level as Tiger does, with all those distractions I mentioned earlier, than I’ll give him that same title. Heck, I’ll give that title to anyone dealing with the amount of stress Tiger has. But there is no one else.

There’s only one Tiger.