Thunder Country brings home championship honours

Red Deer’s Thunder Country Trampoline and Gymnastics Club is making some more room in the trophy case after a successful trip to British Columbia this past weekend.

The club brought home five titles from the Western Canada Cup Championships held in Port Coquitlam.

On the men’s side, Zachary Blakely won the “A” men’s trampoline event, the “C” men’s tumbling event, while Sam Peters won the “B” men’s trampoline.

On the ladies side, Jordan Smith won the “C” women’s double mini trampoline and also won the “C” women’s synchronized trampoline with partner Laura Arnusch.

Blakely also finished third in the All Around Award, Peters came in fourth in the “B” men’s double mini trampoline, while Smith and Arnusch ended up seventh and eighth respectively in the “C” women’s trampoline.

Alexandra Potter placed third in the “A” women’s double mini-trampoline, fourth in “A” women’s trampoline, eighth in women’s “B” tumbling and finished sixth in the All Around Award, with Madeline Potter ended the tournament in fifth in the “C” women’s tumbling and tenth in the “A” women’s double mini trampoline.

Evan Burton came in third in the men’s “B” trampoline and eighth in the men’s “B” double mini-trampoline, while Calvin Burton was fifth in the men’s “C” trampoline and the double mini-trampoline.

Kalena Soehn grabbed 16th in the “B” women’s tumbling event while Brandalynn Muhlbeier wrapped up the weekend with a 17th place finish in “A” women’s trampoline and 27th in the double mini-trampoline.

Blakely and Madeline Potter were also part of Team Alberta, which won the team events of trampoline and double mini-trampoline and also the Team Aggregate award.