Things that make you go ‘hmmmm’

Here are some things that make you go ‘hmmm’.

Did Brian Burke fire Ron Wilson to justify the lame duck team he has put together, or out of real concern for his friend Ron Wilson?

At the end of the day, who really thinks the Toronto Maple Leafs will make the playoffs this year? Leafs fans, please put your hands down.

As for the playoff picture in the NHL, it actually looks like it’s going to be a race to the finish, which explains why the trade deadline was so boring. All buyers. And about Rick Nash? I told you.

Why is it Tiger can’t put together consecutive days of great golf? It’s almost painful to watch him go from nine back to within two of the lead. However, that said, it’s good to see old Tiger. He just could win a major in 2012.

So baseball will now add two wild card teams to each league, but they decided to make those teams play in a one game play off. Now it may just be me, but this seems like a desperate plea to get fans to be interested in baseball in September. For the record, the National League purists are not that upset about this change. They’re still complaining about the designated hitter.

Did you watch baseball on Sunday? I know, too early.

I hate the Miami Heat. I don’t cheer for the Lakers often. As a matter of fact, I don’t care for Kobe Bryant whatsoever. But I’ll cheer for him to beat the Heat, every time.

Speaking of basketball, doesn’t it seem like this season should have an asterisk beside the champion? It’s like a season is happening somewhere, I just can’t find it. It’s like four months of straight March Madness. It’s too crammed, like, the All-Star game.

Wow, that happened. There was a rookie game, a three-point contest and a slam dunk contest. And guess what? Booooooooring.

If you want to improve the slam dunk contest, force (see give big money) one star dunker from each conference into the contest. Lebron and some eastern conference lackees in a dunk off. And Griffin and some west coasters, in another. Then pit conference winner versus winner. Yeah, it will end up being Lebron vs. Griffin but there’s a chance someone else wins. And a chance someone watches.

I’m out.