Renegades soccer gears up for tryouts

Two weekends ago, the U-18 Red Deer Renegade girls won the Tier 2 indoor soccer provincials. Last weekend, at the Tier 1 senior provincials, the Renegade women got a bronze medal.

Clearly, the Renegade program is doing something right. What’s their secret? U-18 head coach Paul Morigeau said, “A lot of dedication. We’ve got girls from eight different towns around Central Alberta and they all drive in, some from an hour and a half away for practice.”

With dedication like that it’s easy to translate that into success. “When you have that sort of commitment level good things can happen. We ended up winning our Edmonton league.”

And the club continues to grow. They start at U-10 and go all the way to the senior (18-30) level. They have enough players to have a farm system. “We have a couple players that are U-16 that were allowed to play up. I don’t try to poach players that are younger because then I’m hurting the team below.”

However, in certain situations, Morigeau said, “Some players just stand out and they have to play up.”

The Renegades are holding outdoor soccer tryouts for all ages on March 30th 8 p.m. at Hunting Hills and then again on April 2nd at the Collicutt Centre. Yes, both tryouts are indoors.

For some teams, they’re just happy to get people out. And for Morigeau he’s the same. “If we have a whole bunch of players, we form two teams. We just want kids to play top level soccer.”

For his U-18 girls team, he keeps it real. “We could use a goaltender.”

So what will capture the eye of the provincial Tier 2 championship coach? Competitiveness. “Just by competitiveness I mean people that don’t quit.”

That competitiveness seems to be a big part of the Renegades. “Because the structure the Renegades have been playing in the top league and having success. Our players are being noticed.”

One player being noticed is Renegade Sydney Daines. “Syd Daines from Innisfail — she’s from the Daines’ rodeo family. She got noticed by the top coaches and they ended up putting her on the national training centre.”

The national training centre puts players on the fast track to make the national soccer team. And it looks like playing with the Renegades can get you on the fast track to that fast track.

“If that’s their passion than we have that outlet for kids, that’s the message we have that right here – opportunity.”

Something just about any U-10 to U-18 boy or girl, can use.