Rebels to showcase special jersey

The Calgary Hitmen are in for a surprise when they come to town on Feb. 4th. The Hitmen and Rebels fans will see something they’ve never seen before and will never see again — a one time only special jersey.

The jersey’s are sponsored by Finning, and don’t only look good, but they’re up for sale.

“We did this initiative about two years ago, benefiting the Ronald McDonald House. That was a great night,” says Rebels’ Senior Vice President Merrick Sutter. “We generated around $20,000 for the Ronald McDonald House.”

Sutter says this promotion allows the Rebels to continue to help Red Deer build a strong community. “We are always looking for initiatives to give back. We’re a sport organization and KidSport does a great job making sport and recreation available for kids.”

KidSport Central Alberta is happy to have the help from Red Deer’s most popular team.

“KidSport’s goal is to get kids off the sideline and by doing so, removing financial barriers to get them off the sideline,” said KidSport Chair Mike Jillet. “Raising money like this will help numerous kids be able to participate in sport.”

Sutter thinks that this year’s shirt off their back campaign will pass the $20,000 mark. “It will be at least that. That’s our goal. Hopefully, closer to $25,000 or $30,000.”

And the fans in attendance are the ones who will benefit, for one, these new jerseys are hot. “This one is fun. We really like our current third jersey and this one is just kind of a spin on it,” said Sutter.

Secondly, you can own these one night only jersey’s as soon as you walk through the gates. “Fans will come when the doors open. There will be a silent auction table setup,” said Sutter. “The auction will run until the first intermission. At that point we’ll notify the winners.”

When the game is over, the winners get more added value to their prize added Sutter. “The players will give the jerseys off their back, sign them and their yours.”

For those undecided on their favourite Rebel, there is good news. “You can bid on as many as you want, but you can only win one.”

Those wishing to skip the auction but still want a jersey, can purchase the one-of-a-kind jerseys at a predetermined buy now price, set by Rebels staff.