Random musings

So much going on in sports these days so I’ll just try to cover as much as possible this week as I give you my random thoughts.

But before I do, here would have been my picks for round two of the NHL playoffs. (Unfortunately, the timing is off for the release of the paper). And for those of you who think I’m cheating, my picks were Philadelphia, New York, Nashville and St. Louis. Shame on me for not believing in Quick.

And for that matter Mike Smith of the Coyotes.

Ok, here are my thoughts. The Coyotes fans wear white at their home games. So do many fans in the NBA and NHL. I hope they all realize that trend started in Winnipeg with the original Jets.

I just saw Derrick Rose on the cover of a magazine. It read “Is Derrick Rose the next Michael Jordan?”

The answer is no! Michael never went down with a serious knee injury until he was in his 30s. (That was after winning six championships). Just saying.

And after Rose went down, does that mean that the Miami Heat will win it all? Probably. There’s no one to stop them in the east. As a matter of fact there’s no one that will even put up a fight in the east. All the competition is in the west and they’ll end up beating each other up to get to the final. The Spurs and the Thunder are the only hope to stop the ‘Dark Side’.

Speaking of hope, my beloved Eagles didn’t really trade Asante Samuel, four-time pro-bowler and two-time Super Bowl champion corner to the Atlanta Falcons for a seventh round draft pick did they? No, they’d never trade him for anything under a fourth round pick right? I need someone to talk me down.

Speaking of football, the English Premier League champion could see two teams tied with wins at the top of the standings. Yet instead of a playoff game to determine the winner they just look at who has the most goals. Really? One playoff game is all I’m asking!

Finally, I’ve talked a lot about pro-wrestling over the last few weeks and on May 3rd, CNWA wrestling will feature yours truly as a referee. I’ll be up close and personal with the pros, and see just how much sport is really involved in pro-wrestling. I ref the main event; let’s hope I don’t get in the way.