Ramblings on B.C. fans and more

Many times I write about things that bother me. And it would lead one to believe I’m cranky. Unhappy. Solemn. But in reality I’m quite the happy guy. I enjoy things in life like watching my son eat. Yeah it’s that simple. I enjoy some simple things in life.

I enjoy watching the Vancouver Canucks lose. I mean, I used to live in that city but I despised those fans. They are probably the most ignorant bandwagon jumping fans that ever existed. And to see them off of facebook is glorious!

Look last year, I had to see many of my friends on facebook (many Canucks fans) post things up like a countdown from 16 to one. The audacity of these so-called fans to think their team could win the Stanley Cup. Look, every team has a chance to win it. But no fans are as cocky as those Canucks fans.

And when the L.A. Kings send a tweet out after game one saying “To everyone in Canada outside of B.C., you’re welcome.”

Yeah it’s one game, but it made me happy. Happy that those sniveling over-confident fans are eating crow.

I don’t talk much about the MLB but I really like the new Miami Marlins uniforms. And not only do I like the Toronto Blue Jays old/new uniforms. I also like the way the Blue Jays have boldly gone young.

Yes in years past they’ve done this, but they always had a real veteran presence. Now, they are unapologetically young. And for the first time in years, they’re confident. Can they keep it up for the entire season? That’s the $75 million question.

Finally, I want to let everyone know (and my friend Chris can attest to this) that two years ago I called Sidney Crosby a whiner. I said it on TV. And people came up to me and said, “No, no, not Sid. He’s not treated fairly. He’s innocent.”

Well I just want all you to know that clearly he is not innocent. Some of you watch the Flyers/Pens series and think wow, I haven’t seen this side of Sid. You know what I say? This is the Sid that I’ve always known. He’s been complaining to the refs, complaining to the media, and probably complaining to his mentor Mario.

And I love this for two reasons. 1.) Because everyone is seeing his true personality. And 2.) Because I was right.

I like that.