Predictions for the NFL season

The NFL season kicks off Sept. 8 as the last two Super Bowl champions face each other –the Green Bay Packers host the New Orleans Saints. And there you have it. NFL football is back!

So here are my NFL predictions for this year. Now I may not be able to go in depth with each of my picks but just remember what V.I.K.I from iRobot said, “my logic is undeniable.”

I’ll start in the AFC East. Let’s face it, this is a two horse race between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets. Both teams have made improvements in the off-season. And while the sexy pick is New England, New York is where I’m putting my money. The Pats will be the wild card.

In the AFC North, look for the Ravens to come out on top. The Steelers can’t be as cohesive as they appear especially after comments made by Linebacker James Harrison regarding his teammates. Baltimore will come out ahead.

The AFC South is almost wide open. Peyton Manning is hurting and his absence opens the door for everyone else. This is Houston’s year. They will win this division.

As far as the AFC West goes, my Raiders will need to find a way to expand on their last season. Unfortunately, everyone else has already found a way. Expect the San Diego Chargers to be on top.

Let’s move on to the NFC East. With objectivity I’m going to pick my Eagles (that’s right my Eagles. My Raiders. I like two teams. What of it?) Don’t worry it won’t be easy for Philadelphia, they may only pull it off on the last week of the season, but they’ll do it.

Expect Green Bay to walk away with the NFC North title, but the most improved team will be the Detroit Lions — if QB Matthew Stafford stays healthy. Their easy schedule and improved team will have Motown singing sweet sounds again.

The NFC South will be interesting indeed. At this point it could be Atlanta, New Orleans or Tampa Bay. My gut says New Orleans, but Atlanta has all the reason to repeat the impressive season they had last year.

Finally, we reach the NFC West and does anybody care?

No really, does anyone care about this division? Does the NFL? Do their fans really believe that someone in this division has a snowballs chance in Phoenix to win the Super Bowl? I thought not. Pick Arizona (alphabetically they’re the logical choice).

There you have it, my picks for the NFL season. Are you ready for some ‘American’ Footbaaaaall?!