Plenty of action at Scotties Tournament of Hearts

There is nothing like catching the live energy of the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, which runs through Feb. 26 at the Centrium.

“We love it here,” said a group of 20-year-olds from New Brunswick. They brought their signs for the Scotties. Many people in the stands bring their signs. We don’t see them all on TV. Don’t get me wrong – TV does a great job covering the Scotties Tournament but being there is a different story.

Carmen, a Team Canada supporter agrees. “I think it’s important to come out here and support the teams. It lets them know that you’re behind them and gets them going.”

She supports Team Canada because she has a relative on the team but in general she’s a fan of curling. “I love it, but on TV it’s kind of boring. It’s not fun to watch on TV.”

When you compare being at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts to watching on TV, the message is clear, get down to the Centrium. At least so say all the people that I spoke to on Monday.

A security guard said the place was rocking on Sunday night.

“It was a packed house. There were four guys who probably had a few too many that were trying to do a wave, except they kept messing it up.”

Now our gentlemen from New Brunswick were hoping for a New Brunswick win on this night but they were more than happy to settle for a phone call from, well just about anyone. Yeah, that’s right. Their sign was their digits. Their phone number. Their real phone number! When asked if it was successful the answer was “No. We did get one call because someone wanted us to buy them drinks. We won the 50/50 draw tonight.”

The teams are all close but really so are the fans in a way. They all stick to themselves. You’re free to cheer for any team you want. If you’re from Dawson Creek B.C. you can cheer for Team B.C. and no one will scorn you. If you’re from Oromocto, New Brunswick you can fly all the way to Red Deer and cheer on Team New Brunswick and not get told to put down your flag.

And if you’re from Sudbury, Ontario and you’re the boyfriend of Tracy Horgan, you don’t have to worry about being loud. Why? Because that’s what Tracy wants. As a matter of fact, loud cheering helps.

“We were a little quiet against Alberta this morning, (Monday),” said Horgan’s boyfriend Brent Fleury. “And Tracy and Jen, their third, asked us to be a little bit louder. They say it (cheering) helps so we’re going to listen to them.”

Being at the tournament is not going to be like TV. There is no commentator. And you’re view is not the same.

“The angle is a lot different here. Actually you can probably see the game better on television,” said Fleury. “But what you don’t get watching it on television is the atmosphere here, and that’s what makes the big difference.

“There’s a lot more emotion here and I find the crowd makes it all worthwhile watching it all live.”