National Hockey League trade deadline woes

“Hey guys. I know the chances of Rick Nash being traded is slim to none, and slim left the building 20 minutes ago. But lets wrap it up in a nice package and make this sound plausible,” says the anonymous producer.

That is what I think is the real talk going on in the production meetings at these sports channels. It’s a conspiracy to drum up ratings. Who is going to trade their franchise for Rick Nash? Because that’s what it will cost. Do you really think the Columbus Blue Jackets organization thinks Rick is the problem?

Do you think that the Jackets’ organization thinks without Rick they can solve all their issues? Neither do they. Rick Nash is great player on a bad team. Rick Nash is a threat when he is surrounded by talent. If Christian Huselius was not injured and if Jeff Carter actually wanted to be in Columbus and if Steve Mason was better in net than the Mr. Siv cutout, then Rick Nash would be having a great year.

The facts are he’s not having a great year. He’s having an average year. But look at what he’s working with!

Nash being traded at the trade deadline is all hype. In the NHL, the Tradecentral Deadline shows, have got to be the biggest joke of a show there is. I feel for those guys because nothing happens on that day and then they have to make Vesa Toskala for Curtis McElhinney sound like a blockbuster.

Yes those sports experts will want you to believe there’s a real chance Nash is going to be traded. The truth is he is staying put. The build up is what we’re being sold here — a whole bunch of sizzle and no steak. Rick leaving? I think anyone who’s watched the Olympics, or any world championships involving Rick Nash, can see he’s a star, someone you build a team around, not an addition. He needs talented players around him. And on the down-low he actually likes playing for Columbus.

So before you go saying Rick Nash is going to traded on the deadline, lets remember the last blockbuster trade on deadline day was in 2007, when Brad Richards and Marian Hossa were traded. Since then, the top name traded on the deadline was Olli Jokinen. Olli cow, this is going to be a boring deadline.