Lakewood offers a pleasant outing

Is it something in the water?

Both the winners of the 2011 U.S. Open, Rory McIlroy and the 2011 British Open Darren Clarke, are from Northern Ireland.

Darren Clarke looks like a fun guy to play a round of golf with and postgame hoist a pint or two of Guinness.

In fact, to quote Darren when a reporter asked him if he was playing in the upcoming Irish Open, “I may not be sober for the Irish Open but I’ll be there.” My kinda guy.

I did manage to get a game in between downpours at Scott Bergdahl’s Lakewood Golf Resort in Sylvan Lake, a great little nine-holer.

Old Wayne and I went for the full monty and played 18 holes.

Funny when you play the same nine again, you always feel you will do much better the second time, but most of the time the results are the same. Lakewood is a tad over 6,000 yards, the way Wayne and I play it, crisscrossing the fairways, the length seems about 7,000 yards.

There is a good variety of challenges starting with a 500 + yard par 5, a couple of water holes, a few tricky doglegs and some sloping greens.

This is a well-maintained layout, wide tree-lined fairways, fast manicured greens and a few strategically placed bunkers.

When scanning other local golf columns I find it boring to read such and such a hole plays 550 yards from the backs to 488 from the front tees.

You will find out soon enough when you’re actually playing the course, so I will dispense with the yardages except maybe the length of the course. That does matter to the serious golfer.

There are many golfers in the area that have never played the lower profile courses. Do yourself a favor, get out there you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The old Bogeyman will never send you out to a horse pasture.

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GREEN FEES: Weekdays (9 holes) $24; (18 holes) $39.

Weekends (9 holes) $28; (18 holes) $48.

Power carts (9 holes) $19; (18 holes) $32.

Jr. 9 holes $17 and 18 holes $27. Driving range, licensed snack bar.