Interviewing mysteries in sports leadership

The interview is a dreaded process for anyone.

What do you wear? What do you say? No one goes into an interview knowing full well they are going to get the job.

There are faux pas that you don’t do. Never assume you got the job, just because you had an interview. I’ve done that before. Felt like there was no way anyone else could be getting the job because they called me. Guess what? I didn’t get the job. Did the interview; thought I killed it. But alas, I was not meant to be an elephant pooper scooper.

Don’t under dress for an interview. Even if the job is manual labour, you can dress better than your prospective employer in the interview. I’ve come to the conclusion that if you don’t have a good feeling about an interview then you probably are not getting the job.

So why all this talk about the interview?

Well, I’m curious about the interview process in sports. We all know about the players, they tryout for a team or they’re recruited. But with coaches it’s different right?

Bruce Boudreau was fired as head coach of the Washington Capitals. Two days later he was hired as coach of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. (They’ll always be Mighty to me)

Did he have to interview for the job? Well if he did, then it probably went like this.

“Bruce, do you like sunshine and beaches?”


What goes into an interview for a coach in professional sports? You’ve seen what they can do. You know who they are. What do you ask?

The Hamilton Ti-cats just asked the Calgary Stampeders for permission to talk to Dave Dickenson. Dave has an impressive playing resume, he’s been the Most Outstanding player in the CFL and the Grey Cup MVP.

Now the Ti-cats want to interview him for their vacant head coach position because they think he’s ready? Really?

I think they just want a name, hoping to put people in the seats.

So will they test him? Show him game film and see if he recognizes coverages? Ask him what are his Gatorade avoidance techniques?

Salary expectations? What makes the Hamilton Ti-cats think Dave Dickenson is head coach material anyway?

Over the last three years, he’s moved up from running backs coach to offensive coordinator. But lets look at the evidence.

He had the top rusher in the league in 2009 and the best quarterback in the league, Henry Burris, in 2010.

So now, as offensive coordinator he can’t seem to get his talented offense to gel. And then gets destroyed by a mediocre Eskimo defense in the West Semi-Final.

And Hamilton wants to talk to Dave Dickenson. Anyone remember Matt Dunigan’s head coaching stint? I rest my case.