Indoor skateboard park offers option in winter months

“It brings people from out of town in,” Josh Dumont, manager at Incline Industries indoor Skate Park says. That’s right, many have already heard but if you haven’t, Sylvan Lake has a rare indoor skate park. Now when people hear indoor skate park, especially in these parts, they think “Duh! There are arena’s everywhere.” But hold on, we’re talking skateboarding.

Winter is their busy season just like all those fitness gyms. “Yeah it gets pretty packed in here just because Calgary doesn’t have an indoor park, and Red Deer just got closed. All the kids just come everyday.”

Skateboarding is one of those sports that doesn’t always appeal to adults, but as an adult, if you have a skateboarder in the family, helping them get their winter fix may be a good thing. It actually may be better than an outdoor skateboarding park because the rules outdoors aren’t always enforced. At Incline Industries Indoor Skate Park they are monitored and there are rules.

“You have to wear a helmet at all times while riding. You kind of have to be conscious of everyone else, you can’t go around doing your own thing, you have to take turns. And just respect everyone else, no swearing,” says Dumont.

At the end of the day the skateboard park is good place for skateboarders to get away. “It’s a youth centre so anything that wouldn’t be acceptable with kids around just isn’t allowed.”

With most of the kids that come in just hitting their teens, “The biggest number of kids are about 11 and 12-years-old.” There are kids that come in starting at seven and up.

Currently there are punch cards that are $80 for 10 visits but the facility is also looking into memberships. “We’re going to have memberships again soon. We’re just still waiting on expanding to do that.” The size of the rink is 3,000 sq. ft., but change is coming. “It’s about the same size as the old outdoor park (in Sylvan Lake). We’re really starting expanding again soon so it will be a bit bigger then too.”

The last time the facilities expanded they did it in the summer and closed during the slow months in the summer, but this time they’ll be open.

If you’re looking for skating fun for your kids during your next trip to Sylvan, perhaps the indoor skate park can keep them busy and warm.