Heading into Grey Cup weekend

After watching the east and west final I have a question for everyone. Who is the commissioner of the CFL? No, No, don’t go looking up her name. Just kidding, it’s a man but seriously who is this guy? Sorry, it was a random thought because really, he could come up to me anytime of day, anywhere, and offer me a contract to start at quarterback with the team of my choice, and my reply would be “Who are you?”

Anyway, the stage is officially set for the 99th Grey Cup the B.C. Lions will face the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for all the glory! And the game is in Vancouver.

My prediction to win the Grey Cup is with regret, the Lions.

But lets dig deeper. The game is in Vancouver, but it doesn’t mean they will have the Lions share of fan support. Look, the west final only had about 40,000 fans. That’s it. And typically, people from all across Canada attend the Grey Cup, regardless if their team is there or not. And the best fans clearly aren’t in Vancouver they’re in Winnipeg so the advantage could go to Winnipeg there. Sorry Saskatchewan, if I was talking smelliest fans, you would have won hands down.

Defensive line veterans Brent Johnson of the Lions and Doug Brown of the Blue Bombers are both playing their last game. Brown has never won a Grey Cup. He deserves to win one.

The last time the Lions were in the Grey Cup it was 2006, and it was their ninth trip to the finals. The Lions won that year.

The Bombers won the Grey Cup in 1988. They defeated B.C. 22-21. They won again in ’90, but haven’t won since. They’re due.

If we just look at the stats then these two team wash each other out. The sad truth is the Lions are rolling right now. They started the season 0-5 and since then, they’ve went 11-2 sing. They’ve got a lot of swagger.

On the other hand the Bombers started the season 7-1, full of swagger but finished the season at 3-7. The Lions have put up 40+ points on their last two opponents. The Montreal Alouettes and the Edmonton Eskimos.

If it sounds like I want the Bombers to win, well duh! I’m a Bombers fan. Of course, I want them to win (I’m also trying some reverse universe psychology).

However Lions, should you lose the Grey Cup, I have one request — wait for the civilized real CFL fans to clear downtown Vancouver, before you riot.