Golf trivia in spite of the rain

Some days you just can’t win. Whenever the sun shines that’s the day I have to work, whenever I’m ready for a game of golf, that’s when the monsoon hits.

I have a very understanding publisher but, if asked to work only on rainy days and play golf on fairweathers days, I’m not sure that would go down very well with her.

I will be getting out with my nieces on Sunday at the wonderful Innisfail Golf Course, weather permitting and will report back. So, instead, here is a little golf trivia for you.

Wonder where the term ‘caddie’ came from? It is derived from the French word “le cadet” or the boy. French military cadets carried the golf clubs for the golfing royalty in France. Queen Mary Stuart returned to Scotland from France and started using the term caddie as in Laddie. So there you go.

How about when you yell “fore” as your ball is careening to the back of somebody’s head in the foursome in front of you. Because golf balls were expensive, in the old days, golfers would use forecaddies, as they still do in PGA events, to stand or mark where the ball might land. Golfers would yell “forecaddie” to draw attention to the fact that the ball was headed their way. That was shortened to ‘fore’ as the ball is moving one heck of a lot faster nowadays.

I often wondered what TCP stood for when referring to a particular golf course, as in TCP Sawgrass, etc. Well, after using that wonderful fact finder Google, it turns out it stands for Tournament Club Players. Any golfer belonging to a TCP golf course can play any other TCP private golf course.

It’s Friday afternoon and the monsoon rains have just started, so I better wrap up before I get tempted to delete myself.

Chip Shots: Just a reminder if you have a charity golfing event coming up just e-mail me the facts at and I’ll give you a plug.