Controversial play

Oops, I did it again. I bet against Eli Manning. At least, I was right about the Patriots that I predicted to win over the Baltimore Ravens, I could pat myself on the back for that, but that was a real close game — 23-20, and Baltimore had the chance to tie the game, but kicker Billy Cundiff missed a 32-yard chip shot field goal.

Which takes me to the NFC, and the fumble. Kyle Williams is not usually the guy back taking punts and kickoffs. That’s usually Ted Ginn Jr., one of the most dangerous returners in the game. But that’s neither here nor there. Williams did what he was supposed to do in overtime — catch the ball, and run with it. Rule number one of a punt returner is catch the ball in the air. He did that, it’s just afterwards he when he was running with the ball, but he didn’t SECURE the ball. Then he fumbled in overtime!

I have two issues with the events that followed this occurrence. First of all the Giants had a first down on the 24-yard line. All they had to do was kick a 40-yard field goal and they win the game. Instead, they run four more plays to move the ball 18-yards to attempt a closer field goal at 26-yards. Then they get a penalty and move the ball back 5-yards to attempt a 31-yard field goal! Does this not seem like a colossal waste of time? Just kick the stupid ball at the 24-yard line! Seriously, you’re just taking a chance every time you put the ball in play.

That said, Billy Cundiff will tell you 31-yards is not a chip shot.

My other issue is that after that game Williams received death threats! Really?? Really?? What? You don’t think he felt bad enough? What if we went down to your job and threatened your life because you left (fumbled) paper on the copy machine!

Really niner fans, it’s a football game! Someone wins and someone loses. Trust me, it’s not all cupcakes being an Eagles and Raiders fan. You didn’t see Eagles fans threaten Donovan McNabb for puking/choking during the 2004 Super bowl did you? And Eagles fans are not the forgiving type.

Next thing we’ll hear that a 49ers fan defecated on Williams’ lawn. Just like some spineless, toothless, yokel from Saskatchewan did!

I know what you Roughrider fans are going to say, and I know, you’re not all spineless.