CNWA heads to Red Deer College

With CNWA wrestling returning to Red Deer, the question arises, what is the CNWA?

“The CNWA is a collection of wrestling promoters,” said Vern May, CNWA wrestler and promoter.

With different champions from all over the west, it made sense to unify into one governing body called the CNWA. May has been at this wrestling biz for 19 years and he’s spent a lot of time being a good guy, which is a lot tougher than being a heel or bad guy.

“It’s been a really interesting turn for me,” May said. “And probably the most contributing factor to this was (Rowdy) Roddy Piper on the reality show World of Hurt.” The show features May and other wrestlers on an episode airing March 24th on Cave TV.

Piper, a legend on the wrestling mic asked May to ‘show him what he’s got’ and May gave his best villain interview. Piper decided May should go a different route though. He told May to “Focus on something else (because) unlike these other guys that you’re on the show with, you’re a dad. And you’ve got couple of kids at home.”

May was asked to do the interview again, but as a face (or hero). Piper said, “There’s no question in my mind you’re one of the most genuine guys that I’ve ever met in wrestling. You’re a good guy. You need to stop trying to be a bad guy.”

And that started May’s long run doing the tough work, getting the crowd to like him. “The way I always look into it, to be the good guy your character is less defined.

“I think if you’re going to be a good fan favourite you have to know your audience. You need to recognize that you’re really forming a relationship with people every single night.”

A challenge, yes, but May said, “It never stops being interesting.”

On the March 23, May takes his good guy character Vance Nevada to the Red Deer College main gym to face Adam Pearce who will be defending the CNWA World Championship.

“He is one of the greatest wrestlers of our generation. It’s a shame we’re not seeing him on television on the WWE,” said May. “It’s a huge opportunity for my career, win or lose.”