Activity guide has plenty to keep residents busy

The Red Deer activity guide came out a few weeks ago and I’m just getting a chance to look at it now. This could be a problem. But as I look through it, I’m realizing that reading should be a sport. You’re exercising your eyes and your brain when you read, so why not. It’s not Olympic, but it’s still a sport.

As you leaf through this booklet the first thing that hits you is the aquatics section. I think I mentioned before that I’m no Michael Phelps. And one of the cool things about the activity guide is it allows you to try all types of activities you’ve never done before. But snorkeling in late October? I hope it’s indoors.

Further into the guide I can see toddler dance classes which could charge the parents extra for the muscles they’ll work out watching their young ones. Whether it’s their cheek muscles from a permanent grin or the abs from the constant laughing. Either way, someone is getting a workout there.

And you have to love the names of the activities, like ‘Tummies for Mummies’. Nothing wrong with it, but what about ‘Abs for Dads’. ‘Mom & Daughter Zumba’? Why not Father and Son Zumba? My boy can cut a rug.

As you move closer to the back of the guide, there are popular activities like curling that fill up fast. But the rewards of curling (for those that have never done it) is bonding, physical activity and an appreciation of the sport deemed ‘Shuffle board on ice’ By Americans.

Also at the back you’ll find karate classes, yoga, tai chi, skiing. But what stands out at the back for me is climbing. Yes, climbing. It uses all these muscles you’re not used to using. Many of these muscles are in your fingers yes. But your body will be sore after your first class. Trust me.

When you go through the fall activity guide, there’s one thing you’ll find that is perfect. It’s not martial arts. It’s not yoga, or swimming. No, it’s not even tennis club, which is a great sport to sign up for. No the great gift that the activity guide gives me is, drop-in times. Because it’s those times, where I dominate on the badminton court. Did I say badminton? Yes! Badminton, one of the most underrated professional sports out there!

And I’m good. As a matter of fact, I’m the best badminton player on my block with a kid under three years old that has six letters in their name.

Yup, the old activity guide. Still going strong. And still giving you options, to keep fit and have fun. (I’m expecting a call from Hal Johnson any minute now).