A few thoughts on golf

So a golf writer friend of mine in California raised a few points awhile back about how to make this great game even better and I thought I would share some of the thoughts which escaped from his hard drive. You might agree with some, all or none but I will trot them out just the same.

One of his suggestions was getting rid of carts unless you have a medical condition and need to use that type of transportation. I realize many golf course owners will look at this as crazy due to the revenue they would lose and I understand that but for the pureness of the game it just adds up. Riding instead of walking with your group removes a lot of the camaraderie golf was built upon. If you can’t carry, add a pull cart and enjoy the exercise of a walk.

Loudmouth golf? Does anymore need to be said about this abomination of golf clothing? Many would say golf clothing is already a bit on the wild side but this outlet has run its course. Great for the company tournament but never should be an every weekend thing – please.

Iron covers! Just in case you hadn’t noticed your irons are made of steel. They won’t suffer irreparable harm if they sit naked in your bag while you stroll at a leisurely pace down the fairways after chunking a chip shot.

Trees with branches hanging to the ground are a ‘pace of play’ killer in my mind. You spend time looking for your ball and then more as you try to wedge yourself in between branches, all the time hoping you don’t impale yourself on one. You can also see the fairway better, making for a quick exit from under the tree.

And last but not least would John Daly please walk away from the game? You are not funny, earthy, cute, or notable anymore and the game suffers because of you now. How many times are people going to cut you a break with a sponsor’s exemption and you toss it away in the middle of a round like one of your smoked down to the filter Marlboros? Time to go for good John!

Anyway, I hope you are out swinging away on your favorite course but please leave the Norwegian curling team pants at home!

Jim Claggett is a member of the Golf Journalists Association of Canada.