Your home should be a reflection of you

We have sprung ahead, wandered through the Red Deer Home show and the weather finally looks like it is smartening up!

After an extremely LONG winter, I have the feeling that people are going to be renovation crazy this spring.

Like bears coming out of hibernation, blinking and stretching – I see people coming into the store eager to brighten up their homes and let the sunshine in. I’m feeling the urge myself and have just hired a contractor (my dear friend Jason from Fresh Renovations in Sylvan lake) to start my basement.

I will be walking with you fellow renovators through the next few months.

There is truly nothing that can compare with the giddy feeling I get when I see the first daffodils or even notice the pastel hued Easter eggs in the store.

Last year I was in Victoria in April and got to see daffodils being harvested on a rain chilly afternoon and the sight brought tears to my eyes. The promise of life, the end of bleak and grey always does amazing things to my spirit as I welcome warmer temperatures.

Spring means renovations, you all want to – you know you do!

This is the time to clean out the proverbial cobwebs and brighten up your life. Colour is the word of the season; the colours that you live with have a profound impact on your emotional well-being.

I visit so many homes and time after time they are dark and bland. Leather, hardwood and plain neutral walls seem to be the popular choice of most people and they really lack personality. Your home should be a reflection of you and the things you love in your life.

Your sunny personality can be shown in many ways from artwork to fabrics.

If you love to travel, decorate your home with steamer trunks and passport stamp inspired fabrics. Choose French toile and English herringbone to add texture and classic pattern to your décor.

Your passion may be gardening, if so you should have brilliant colours and natural decorative items in your home. Take inspiration from a famous painting like Van Gough’s Water Lilies to help you choose fantastic colours for your home, it will seem like a garden all year round.

Are movies your thing? Rock out the Hollywood glam with beveled mirrors and glowing metallic finishes which will create an old world celebrity interior.

When you design with your passions in mind, you will always create a successful interior. Nothing is more beautiful or timeless than a home that reflects what is truly you, it is essential to great design.

The colours, hobbies and items which make you happy are always the perfect choice for your home, if you are surrounded by things that you absolutely love.

So get out there, shovel your driveway if you must and take a look at what is being offered in home décor this spring. Take in the colours and beautiful new products that are out there and get some spring in your step and some colour in your home.

There is life out there, life and amazing colour.

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.