Vinyl planking offers an alternative to hardwood

Trends very interesting, especially in home décor. Suddenly a product or a look will be all the rage and the phone will be ringing with constant questions about certain items. The product that is in the moment is vinyl planking. I’m not sure when the trend happened but we receive more calls per day on this product than any other.

Vinyl planking is a wonderful alternative to hardwood while still giving you the visual of a wood floor. The clients who chose this type of flooring always report back that they LOVE the product and that it is so easy to maintain. One of our own staff put vinyl planking in her basement and installed a 5” designer stained maple flooring on her main floor and said that if the had to do it again, she would put the vinyl planking in her whole house. The product is durable, beautiful and one-half the price of a traditional hardwood floor.

When a vinyl plank floor is used in a home it can be hard to tell the difference between it and hardwood, plus you do not have to worry about it fading, denting or staining due to its vinyl surface. This is the equivalent to faux silk fabric. The fabric looks and feels like silk but is stain resistant and does not fade while still giving you all the luster of silk.

This product is a perfect renovation solution for existing concrete or vinyl floors as it glues down to the same subfloor as traditional sheet vinyl. Vinyl plank flooring also comes in a tile format which can be grouted to look like actual ceramic – without the expense! It has a durable surface offering 15 years to lifetime warranties on wear with no worry about staining or denting. Have I mentioned this before? This product does not dent or stain or fade!

I have recently finished a home which was floored in vinyl planking and vinyl tile. The entire house is completed in a product I am fond of called Adura by Mannington floors. We were able to move throughout the house with inserts and custom shapes using the tile and the wood visuals – the results were fantastic! Because the tile and the wood visual are the same thickness you are free to add inserts, borders and grid patterns to your floor. Each installation can be totally customized to your individual tastes.

If you are searching for the perfect floor, consider vinyl planking or vinyl tiles. This product will lie down and serve you well for your busy family and will let you walk all over it! You will be thrilled with the longevity and durability of vinyl planked floors and will be able to introduce the rich look of hardwood to your busy home. This is one trend that I strongly suggest you investigate if you are considering renovating your home.

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre. Contact her at 403-343-7711 ext. 227 or email her at