Utilizing shades of white in fresh home decor

It’s a marshmallow world in the winter, when the snow comes to cover the ground. It’s the time for play, it’s a whip cream day…I wait for it all year round!

I love the ‘colour’ white, especially at Christmas.

There is nothing better than a fresh blanket of twinkly snow to make the world look new and fresh. I find that I am more prone to decorate with white in the winter and prefer more colourful decor in warmer temperatures.

Although many people consider white to be a cold colour (and mentally relate it to snow), it is actually the colour of serenity and beauty. It’s more the texture of an item then its colour which makes it seem warm or cool.

Imagine a cuddly cashmere sweater in the purest shade of white or luxurious duck down, pure white yet pure warmth and comfort.

Some people may find a white room boring or cold and it may turn out that way if you don’t pay attention to your textures.

Just like that cashmere sweater, you need to add depth and varying layers of touchable materials. An all white room will make the space look very large and because it is a visual blank statement, you can amp up the touchy feely value of the room.

Simply varying textures will create enough visual interest in the room to make it appear less stark.

Also try to use a warm white combination which has a yellow, red or green base instead of a cool white which has a blue or black base.

The warm white will make the room more inviting, softer and less frosty feeling.

The fun part about decorating a white room is all the amazing decor items you can purchase. Wood, stone, canvas, rope and metal can all be procured or even transformed into white.

If you are working with dimensional items such as metal sconces, bamboo or driftwood the items themselves will create shadow which will add another facet to the decor.

Fabrics and smooth surfaces will remain flat and can act as a backdrop for the products with more dimensions.

On the practical side, a white room should be designed just for you as it will require meticulous upkeep.

White rooms can become dingy in a big hurry and if the kids or pets are running rampant through your pristine white room the damage and soiling will show very quickly.

Maintenance will be high and you will need to be extremely diligent in your cleaning routines to keep this space looking radiant.

When designing a white room don’t forget the lighting!

As well as choosing the correct lamps and lighting fixtures you need to consider the type and colour of bulbs you use.

Typical incandescent bulbs give off a warm white light which may show too yellow against your decor. You might consider cool white bulbs or bulbs which imitate daylight, these lights are whiter and brighter and will not conflict with the white room you are trying to create.

So start thinking white!

Marshmallows, whipped cream and snow – all things delicious and sparkly for a truly glamorous retreat in your home whether it is your bathroom or bedroom.

You can create an amazing white room in any part of your house!

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.