Top 10 foods that help you burn fat

If you’ve just started up on a new workout program to help you get a leaner body, one thing it’s time to pay attention to are the foods that you’re eating. Your diet is going to be one of the greatest influencers of your progress, so if you aren’t choosing properly, it’s going to add up.

Those who are able to make smart decisions are going to create the calorie deficit they need to see weight loss results and move closer to their goals.

This said, what are the best foods to be eating to burn fat? Let’s give you a list of the top 10 options that you should be including on a regular basis.

First, you can’t go wrong with adding leafy greens to your diet plan. These are going to be low in calories, high in nutrients, and help add more bulk to your diet plan so that you feel like you’re eating more foods despite the fact your calories are still down.

Incorporate a variety of these into your plan for best results.

Second, chicken breasts are one of the best sources of lean protein to be consuming regularly. Chicken breasts are low in fat, highly versatile, and will work great in a stir-fry, baked in the oven, grilled on the barbeque, or prepared in any other manner that you desire.

Another quality source of protein to consider adding into your diet plan are egg whites. Egg whites contain a mere 16 calories per white and can be whipped up in minutes making for the perfect breakfast choice.

Egg whites are also one of the more cost effective forms of protein as well, so will help those who are on a more strict food budget.

Salmon is a fish that’s rich in omega fats, so yet another option. Salmon is going to help calm hunger pains due to the protein and fat combination and will help to support a leaner body composition, while reducing your risk of a number of diseases.

On the carbohydrate side of things, you can’t go wrong with oatmeal. Oatmeal is high in fiber, sugar-free, and high in volume for the calories it contains, meaning you’ll get more food without sending your calorie intake upwards.

Serve it with some cinnamon or with a tablespoon of natural nut butter added in.

Greek yogurt is the next food to be adding to your plan. This food is high in protein content and will provide some calcium, which can help to burn off fat from the abdominal region.

Greek yogurt also has less sugar than any other form of yogurt.

Walnuts are a perfect nut to be incorporating into your diet plan. They’re high in omega fats, which most people aren’t getting enough of and are also going to help to stabilize your blood glucose levels and calm hunger pains.

Adding nuts to your diet can make it easier to keep your calorie intake down as long as you control portion sizes. It is important to measure your nut serving however because they are a high calorie food and it will add up.

For an alternative to regular animal sources of protein, try seafood. Seafood adds a great change of pace and many seafood sources are quite high in iron as well.

This can be especially helpful for those who don’t eat a higher amount of red meat as they may be lacking in that nutrient.

Want a fast way to get more fiber in your diet? Apples are a great way to calm your hunger between meals and will give you something crunchy to snack on.

Finally, add in berries whenever you can. This food is rich in antioxidants and very low in calories, so will keep your body healthy as you go about the weight loss process.

So there you have the foods that are a must with your fat loss diet. Make sure that as you workout hard that you’re not wasting your time in the gym with a bad nutrition plan. Make sure you’re getting these in regularly so you can maximize your results.

Jack Wheeler is a personal trainer and owner of 360 Fitness in Red Deer.