The sky didn’t fall

One week ago today, Albertans were coming to terms with something that former premier Jim Prentice said we would never be – ‘An NDP province’.

Social media blew up with comments about how Alberta had just committed suicide, corporations would flee in terror, the oil and gas industry would sink into oblivion.

But alas, the sky has not fallen. At least not quite yet – and honestly, we don’t expect it to.

Premier-elect Rachel Notley is a smart, sensible and experienced woman in the world of politics. And while many of the newly-elected MLAs may sorely lack any experience, she certainly has the brains and the drive to lead the province. Albeit in perhaps in a new way and in a new direction.

It was frustrating to see so many dire warnings flooding the province right after the election.

Notley won’t prove to be the demise of the province – more than likely it will be the terrible attitudes of some Albertans that have surfaced in the days since the election. Change is hard – no question. Particularly after having the same government at the helm for 44 years.

Albertans are used to a way of life and especially a way of being governed. But clearly, they were tired of the Tories and demanded change – even if it meant a sweeping change to the other side of the political spectrum.

In the weeks ahead, it will also be interesting to see Notley release further details about her government’s policies – that is where we will get a true sense of where the province will be headed in the next four years.

In the meantime, we don’t need blowhards like businessman Kevin O’Leary ranting about how this is the worst thing that could ever really happen. Common sense commentary is one thing, but comments designed to spark fear in the hearts and minds of Albertans is a disservice to all.

Ultimately, Notley really hasn’t said anything that should send fear into the minds of the corporate or oil and gas sector. She maintains that she wants to work with both industries – we don’t believe she’s an enemy of business. Who in their right mind would be? Particularly during a time when the province’s economy is struggling.

The bottom line is she has four years to prove herself. If by that time Albertans are in any way dissatisfied, we can certainly demand change once again. It’s time for folks to try and relax, be a bit more open-minded and see where the road ahead leads.