Snow – it’s all in how we view it


Snow, like beauty, is definitely in the eye of the beholder. There are many different emotions and reactions related to snow. Today, as I sit in my pyjamas in my warm house watching the flakes come down it is almost soothing. If I had to drive through it for hours, my feelings would be very different. This winter’s snowfall has brought many feelings about snow to the surface. The responses depend strictly on what you do or where you are. Again, it’s all in how you look at it. For instance, to a Kindergarten teacher it means an extra 20 minutes dressing and undressing children before and after each recess and at least three lost mittens per recess.

To a child, the large fluffy snowflakes they catch on their tongues, are pure magic!

To a driver it means white knuckles, clenched teeth, and supreme concentration while driving through the blizzard.

To a snowman it is literally life making!

To a chocolate lab, they feel snow was designed completely for their enjoyment. They are overcome with excitement to be able to roll and play in the new fallen snow.

To a chocolate lab owner, they are frozen because the darn dog wants to go out non-stop and play in the new fallen snow!

To a homeowner it makes them completely exhausted after shovelling the heavy snow from the walk and the driveway for the fourth time in a week.

To a homeowner with a snow blower, they feel manly and strong and have a triumphant smile when the job is done. They can also be the hero to many on the block.

To emergency workers who are exhausted from numerous calls, they know it may jeopardize their ability to help those in need.

To a skier it makes their adrenalin run as they stand at the top of the mountain looking down at a clean, white palette knowing their tracks will be the first to make a pattern in the snow.

To a couple in love it is romantic to be cuddled under a blanket with a fire going, glass of wine in hand, looking out at the snow softly coming down.

To a couple not so much in love that same snow evokes glares and biting words about whose turn it is to shovel the walk or drive the kids to school.

To an owner of a snow removal company this means business! Keep the snow coming!

For the mayor and council it is a constant thorn in their sides and they realize that when it comes to snow, they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t!

To a traveller on their way to a sunny, warm locale away from the snow they feel they have brilliantly out smarted Mother Nature.

To a traveller who is stranded by a snowstorm in an airport on the way back from their hot holiday, they feel snow again has got the upper hand and has left them exhausted beyond belief. They watch the snow cause havoc around them while they can only dream about lying down in their own perfect bed.

To a traveller who is stranded by a snowstorm in an airport on their way to a hot holiday they are totally frustrated and willing to pay or do almost anything to catch a flight to anywhere as long as it doesn’t have snow!

Snow, like many things in life, is all in how we view it. Sometimes we just need to see it from a different point of view. Maybe instead of shovelling my walk today, I will use that snow to make life in the form of a snowman! It will give me exercise, give me a fine man to talk to who won’t talk back, give the neighbours something to laugh at, and give me another way to look at snow.