Reach for new blends of shades and brighter hues

Feliz Ano Nuevo everyone!

My apologies for having missed writing last week, I was in full on vacation mode and thought I had written enough weeks ahead but was informed that I was MIA for a week!

I think that is the definition of a good holiday when you can’t remember dates or your computer password. The bad news is that I locked my desk drawer and cannot seem to open it and have been without a stapler for a few days – oh the problems of office life.

I had no need or desire for a stapler on the cruise ship and now that simple lock on my desk drawer is giving me grief.

I’m sure we are all in the same ‘boat’ – cleanup after Christmas with long dreary months ahead and no significant time off in sight. January is a tough month for everyone as we dig our way out of the shimmery money sucker they call Christmas. Reality kicks you in the teeth and you are forced to face what you had done in your frenzy to make Christmas merry. The landscape is grey and cold and we are seeing rising mountains of snow in every direction, neighbours can’t even see each other anymore in between driveways as they keep the piling it up.

What I learned in Mexico (besides my three margarita limit) is that life seriously lacks colour. Mexico is gaudy and tacky and so proud of the fact!

There are no ‘colour palettes’ or monochromatic themes blended into carefully selected wall colours. It is a RIOT of colour, texture, chunky wood, skeletons, sequins, velvet, chenille and donkeys all existing together in one crazy genre.

Walking through the streets and markets you get the sense that anything goes, the relaxed atmosphere and jungle of materials lull you into thinking that a sequined covered corpse bride might actually look good in your home.

The psychological effect of the bright colours and visual madness is very uplifting, even if something in the back of my mind screamed TACKY, I still ventured out and took in all the colours.

The reds were vibrant, the oranges absolutely soul stirring and the yellows and greens were a visual treat. I managed to purchase a few fun things for my home and took some colour risks in these items which, once home truly pleased me. I believe that if I had seen similar items in a local home décor store, I would have left them on the shelf but somehow in the bright sun with mariachi bands strumming in the background it seemed okay.

This tells me that bringing a little colour in is necessary. I have always been bolder with accent colours and I am even more inspired to reach for new blends of shades and brighter hues. If I can’t look outside my window without feeling the winter blues, I am going to focus inside on my home and the things I surround myself with on a daily basis. From the food I purchase (lots of oranges and red peppers), to the interior colours I accent in my home colour is good for you whether you are consuming it or decorating with it.

Snap up some colour today and soldier on until we see warmer months!

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.