Prepping your home for the joys of summer

It’s time to purge!

Wherever you go you see and hear the evidence of people aerating their lawns as they dig out old dead grass in preparation for new growth.

It is exciting to see the buds on the trees and even insects are a welcome sight, we are so ready for spring to finally arrive.

It may be time for an in-home aerate as well, especially in the kitchen. It is amazing what you can find in the back of your cupboard when you take everything out to clean. I found three bags of different kinds of marshmallows and I don’t even like those gooey white things!

The satisfaction of renovating the bowels of your kitchen will feel wonderful, donate unused items to charity or sell them and then treat yourself to that new juicer you have been eyeing for months.

Pull out the stove and fridge and give everything a good scrubbing, this is also a good time to re-seal grout in your tile to keep it stain resistant throughout the year.

Those baseboards in the hard to reach corners could probably use a fresh coat of paint or varnish while you are down there. Your cabinets also need some loving care, especially wood which could use a thorough cleaning with a mild cleanser. The finger prints and grease that build up are hard on the wood and giving them some love is a great way to extend the life of the wood.

If you have granite countertops or travertine tile you should re-seal these natural products every one to two years to protect the beauty of these stone products.

Whew! That was a lot of work, but I am sure you feel very accomplished and organized right now.

Your home will be more or less abandoned from now until fall as you enjoy your yard and take your family camping. The kitchen will be just a run through room as you pack picnic lunches and prepare for the family barbecue on the deck but it will be sitting waiting in its freshly cleaned and organized state until you return to it in the colder months.

This is also the time of year to clean your freezer!

Vow to have nothing in it but frozen fruit bars and ice cubes as you peruse farmers’ markets and community gardens in search of fresh produce. This is the perfect time of year to keep fresh food stocked in your fridge, resist the urge to stockpile frozen veggies or meats as you have ample opportunity to shop for fresh local produce.

Smaller, more frequent trips to your local market or deli will keep you in the fresh outdoor state of cooking as you get creative and summery in your meals!

There is so much to love about the warmer weather and we feel like the proverbial butterfly spreading our wings for the first time as we sip iced tea and let the warm sun bathe our faces.

The thoughts of shoveling piles of snow and scraping windshields are miles away as we grill asparagus and drizzle sweet balsamic vinegar on strawberries and goat cheese for a delightful summer salad.

Enjoy the bright days and breeze through your organized kitchen as you head outside to dine on your deck or local picnic table, your kitchen will be waiting for you in September.

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.