Melding old and new styles for décor perfection

I have just returned from a reunion with some college girlfriends and we reunited at a lovely private home in Oyama B.C. The mixture of modern elements and roosters waking you up at 6 a.m. was delightful to me as I took in every inch of this restored rancher.

The home had a delightful combination of original elements mixed with cork flooring and sleek granite countertops and they also mixed elements such as lighting made from mason jars and different handles for several cabinets in the kitchen.

Everything was completely matched yet completely unique and it has made me stop and think about how I decorate.

Have I gotten too safe and am I willing to break out of my comfort zone?

Sometimes it takes travel to revive your creativity and help you view things in a different light. One inspiring thing this homeowner did was to take antique dressers and side boards and have them fitted with custom granite tops for bathroom fixtures.

The rich wood and classic dentil details were the perfect juxtaposition to the polished stone tops and chrome taps. The blending of old and new in her home was bold and gutsy and it looked absolutely perfect and makes me think that maybe we need to dig deeper when it comes to products for our home.

Possibly brand new isn’t always the best way to go.

Also this house was the perfect blend of hard contemporary edges and warm, rich elements.

Too often when a client decides on contemporary it turns into an all or nothing approach.

This home was able to blend the modern greys, chrome and polished elements with the warmth and hominess of wood, cork, leather and cozy chenille and grey flannel furniture.

The blending of grey and cool with brown and warm was refreshing and inspiring and I can’t wait to try this concept out on one of my next spec homes!

It is a delicate balance to successfully combine farm house meets Manhattan loft but when it is pulled off it is one of the homiest and sophisticated interiors you can imagine.

Merging soft fabrics and textures with polished features still allows for comfort while being surrounded by furniture and pillows that make you want to snuggle in and watch the sunset. Despite this home having four (yes four) living rooms, the hostess still had closets full of large sheepskin and cowhide floor pillows inviting us to toss and lounge in any area of the house – I refrained from reclining in the kitchen as I would have been underfoot.

So, even if you have a hard core contemporary style, don’t be afraid to blend those down home accents into your life.

A wire basket of eggs and a glass picture of sun tea warming on the window ledge will wrap your guests in that homey feeling better than an egg carton and a frozen can of lemonade!

Bake up some homemade muffins and place them in a wicker tray lined with a cheery red tea cloth and while you are at it, shake up some homemade butter.

The pioneer in you may surprise and delight and I know it will enchant your friends and family as you carve time out of your busy lives to get back to the basics of entertaining.

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.