Making the most out of a temporary home

As life takes us down the long and winding road we may find ourselves moving and changing locations in a newer or older home. You may be building a house and due to timing of selling your existing property and waiting for the new one to come you find yourself in a rental property or living in your parent’s basement. One client of mine ended up moving their RV into a friend’s barn and lived the simple life as they waited for delays in building permits and a host of other setbacks.

The question I often get is how much to improve the living space one may be temporarily living in? Depending on the property owner, you may not have many options but if you do and you will be in the place for several months it is a good idea to spruce up the place keeping in mind that many things can be taken with you. You may even start pre-decorating your new place in advance.

Don’t be worried about hanging window coverings. While custom blinds are not a great idea for a temporary home, ready-made panel drapery is a perfect solution to make your space feel warm and homey and they can always be transferred to your new home. A can of spackle and a little paint touch up will leave no trace of your decorating when you move.

Lighting is another easy fix if you know someone handy, go nuts putting up awesome lighting and chandeliers that can be used in your new property. Keep the lighting that is in the home now and replace it when you go, it will give your temporary place a feeling of home and will make living in a less than perfect space a little more tolerable.

If your property owner is open to paint, this is the perfect opportunity to try out the house colour you are thinking about for your new place. Most landlords are not opposed to property improvements as long as you aren’t painting wild and outlandish colours. It is a great time to paint a bedroom and live with that colour for a few months before you commit to it on brand new walls. The landlord will appreciate the fresh coating on the walls especially if you do a very good job.

Decorate to your hearts content, keeping your final destination in mind, this is your opportunity to buy a few items in the palette of your new home and when your property or move is finally completed you simply have to pack up all your beautiful purchases and move into your final destination.

So if you are in a temporary home awaiting a move take heart, you can temporarily make this home as beautiful as the one you are waiting to inhabit. A few personal touches here and there are just the precursor to your next place and it’s a good idea to start decorating sooner and later.

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.