Looking back at trends over the past years

There are design styles that come and go and trends that I have watched re-evolve over the past decade. In my career as a designer I have seen many styles both positive and negative roll through my files but there are items that I sometimes wish would make a strong comeback, here are a few.

Crushed velvet – I know this dates me but I miss the old style crushed velvet that used to adorn van dashboards and grand tufted headboards. I wish this classic fabric would make a comeback in opulent bedspreads or accent chair fabric in all of the wow jewel tones of the late 70s. I don’t see it ever coming back as car upholstery but I think a little crushed velvet with tufting can make a beautiful accent piece or bold statement in a very glamorous setting.

Gilding – I’m old school baroque at heart and I love gilding on very ornate picture and mirror frames or on furniture detail. The market is saturated with dark wood and distressed finishes and I would like to see more traditional gold leaf and silver leaf applications to make things sparkle and glow. Don’t get me wrong, I adore all the bling that is on pillows and fabric but I would like to pair that with a traditional gold leaf edged chair and maybe some gold topstitching – it’s glam gone old world for me. I am the one watching Elizabethan period movies gawking at the costuming and staging of room scenes and usually missing the plot altogether.

Indoor wicker – Remember the papasan chairs from the 70s? These chairs have always been around in your parent’s basement but they remain the most comfortable chairs around. The colourful cushions made them the perfect accent chair for a casual entertaining space and they were really fun. A hanging rattan chair can add a perfect corner reading space in a bedroom while still leaving visual space underneath which can keep a room from looking cluttered. Wicker should be brought off the front porch and into your living space as accent pieces. It is a fresh causal look that is bound to make a comeback.

Coloured appliances – I know you are all with me on this! Ok, maybe not avocado green or harvest gold but why don’t we have more choice in average everyday appliances? I see delicious colours in washers and dryers but people seem to shy away from this choice in their kitchens. I don’t think there is much choice in mid-range fridges and stoves as coloured appliances seem to be available in high-end products such as Viking and Britannia. Perhaps if there were more mid range choices in today’s popular colours, we would see more than just black, white or stainless steel fridges and stoves.

These design trends are fun and could be used in today’s modern interiors. I am in favour of most design trends coming around for a re-run with the exception of ruffled sofa and chair skirts – and bright yellow pompom ball drapery fringe. Google it, and I bet many of you had it in your rooms as children just like I did – they make me shudder.

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre. Contact her at 403-343-7711 ext. 227 or email her at klewis@carpetcolourcentre.com.