Leadership deficiencies

It’s getting more challenging to figure out what is going on in the minds of some of our politicians these days.

It’s no secret – or surprise – when we learn of constant overspending, misspending, and foolish errors in judgment. This is becoming commonplace on today’s scene, and perhaps always has been.

But things have taken an even more outrageous turn in a couple of political instances – here in Alberta and in B.C. – and it makes a person wonder if there is a point of no return for some people.

For one, the Progressive Conservative’s recent about-face on wage freezes. Not only did that end way before schedule, but some landed a raise to boot.

This is where they seem so blind to reality – of what it means to really connect with the electorate in a meaningful and ‘real’ way. And whatever excuses are spun for what they must think an extremely gullible public, it’s getting tiresome to hear about this ‘culture of entitlement’ that seems to know no end and no bounds.

Then, a few days ago, members of the Kwikwetlem First Nation in B.C. were reportedly calling for their chief’s resignation after learning he was paid nearly $1 million last year.

A salary disclosure revealed Ron Giesbrecht made $914,219 and claimed $16,574 in expenses in the fiscal year that ended in March, news reports said. Apparently, about $800,000 came from a bonus he took home in his role as economic development officer.

The question is – how could he ‘take home’ this much money without, we are guessing, a hint of questioning in some tiny part of his brain. Where is the reflection on how this is honestly a ridiculous amount of money?

Where is the accountability, and more disturbingly, how are these things able to happen in the first place? Who signs the cheques? Who, behind the scenes, just doesn’t care anymore?

We think Albertans have pretty much had it with politicians who apparently deem themselves worth so very much. They show a contemptible and extremely ‘out-of-touch’ attitude to the public when they act like this. And to top it off, former premier Alison Redford is the name that just won’t fade away as so many had hoped.

Her antics continue to follow her and sadly plague all of us as Albertans. What a legacy.

Ultimately, a true, honest commitment to leadership (without first thinking about all the cash and perks one will get) seems to have slid away and taken a back seat to an attitude of blatant opportunism, greed and – let’s face it – shameless behaviour in a time when many ordinary Albertans are struggling to find their economic footing.

Surely we deserve better than this.