Labour issues in the CFL

When it comes to sports unions I have a tendency to ignore the back and forth between the two sides because as a fan all we want is for them is to start playing.

The NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB have all had labour issues at one time or another with billionaires battling it out in the boardroom against millionaires.

It was easy to not pick a side.

But this specter on the CFL horizon has me doing just that as the CFLPA and the CFL are in the midst of renegotiating a new collective bargaining agreement.

The rhetoric has been fired from both sides with the league saying a new $40 million deal with TSN should not get the players excited as there are so many bills to pay for stadium builds, very little will go to paying the players any more.

The players are now saying they won’t play unless revenues are tied to salaries – a salary which averages around $80K per year for most players.

This is not the same scenario as the above leagues as these players are really working for their money with no lush retirement in the near future as the millions roll in.

At the same time, the owners aren’t exactly living in the poorhouse but I do recognize the fact it’s their coin and their team so they make the call.

The players should be compensated fairly and that’s all a union can ask for but there just never seems to be a clear cut definition of what is fair when it comes to sports.

I hope things work out and the CFL gets back on track as there has never been a work stoppage in the long history of this great league and I would hate to see that streak broken.