It takes a village to make a house your home

There is an old saying – it takes a village to raise a child – which makes sense if you take your children’s entire life into perspective. From grandparents to coaches to teachers and all the people in between, you truly rely on many different mentors and various skills to help you along as a parent. Our path in life is no different and even experts rely on the wisdom and advice of other experts to help us make decisions.

As a designer, I have a great deal of experience in home renovations. I constantly search online looking at homes and I can usually spot a property with potential, even if it is ugly.

There is no need to be politically correct here, some homes are just ugly! Worn out, neglected and in need of renovation – oddly this excites me when I see this in a home and I can absolutely visualize the end result. This process terrifies a lot of customers and often they pass by these perfectly wonderful homes for a few cosmetic touches.

I realize that many of you aren’t renovators; this is where the ‘village’ comes in, that team of experts who can assist you with your project and can make dreams a reality. I recently did a paint consult where the lady said “If I had hired you in the first place, I wouldn’t have wasted those four gallons of paint that were the wrong colour.”

Depend on those who have gone before you and who can give you experienced advice before you invest a single cent.

Your designer – me, I hope! Take me with you to view a house you are considering buying. Send me the MLS # to look at the property and I will be happy to fill your head with possibilities and costs of having work done. My team and I are able to give you all the costs associated with any renovation project that you may be considering buying. My installation team and my renovation guys all work with me to help you realize the home of your dreams.

Your realtor – this is the guy or gal who lets you in the house and also the person who takes care of all the headachy paperwork that goes hand in hand with buying a house. They are also experts on market evaluation and renovation costs and can steer you away from making big buying mistakes. Having bought a home this summer, I can attest that using a qualified realtor can make all the difference.

Your mortgage – this team is so necessary to help you through the paperwork and legal jargon involved in buying a home. Your mortgage broker can often include extra cash for the upgrades you need for the house. If you have some extra cash for upgrades going in, that ugly house may not be so intimidating.

So there is your village, tuck these professionals away in your pocket and have them in your arsenal the next time you look at purchasing a home.

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.