Introducing bold new colours to your home

It is official!

The 2013 Pantone colour of the year is Vibrant Emerald (17-5641), you can see a grand array of visuals on Pantones web site as it celebrates this ‘vibrant, radiant and lush colour – full of balance and beauty enhancing well-being and harmony.’

I saw this coming a few months ago, I knew this colour would explode into style soon.

It began in the spring with an array of enticing jewelry sweaters and scarves which adopted this energetic hue. Fall came and we started to see fabrics. Arriving at our store utilizing this adorable colour – they are exciting to use and the vibrancy is positively life-affirming.

Keep in mind this in not your 1991 hunter green that was so overused, that drab colour had a heavy black undertone to it that never appealed to me.

This is a bluer and brighter green edging almost to teal but not quite. It is beginning its journey into household items, glassware, dishes and furniture.

What a fun and energizing colour. Greens have always been very useful for creating that zen inspired space in our homes and now it has taken 2013 by storm and announced in a big Broadway voice – I AM HERE!

If you want an up close look at this marvelous colour, check out our C2 paint collection, I would guide you to either C2-196 (Fig Leaf) or C2-197 (Topiary) they both sound very green, don’t they? I would be happy to give you a free sample of this paint to take home and play with.

I always suggest when trying out these bright, new colours – start small.

Don’t try to eat the whole elephant at once, don’t rush out and paint your entire living room in bright emerald. You might feel as if you have fallen into the final scenes of the Wizard of Oz and start imagining you are seeing munchkins behind your sofa.

I follow interior designer Yanic Simard on facebook and just this morning he posted a picture of a stunning green glass vase which celebrates the 2013 colour of the year.

It was probably the inspiration for this article. The colour was dazzling and the combination of the polish and translucency of the glass was very eye-catching indeed.

So start small, accessorize and test drive the colour first. I’ve always believed if you can wear a colour and feel fabulous in it you can live in it as well. If you feel very comfortable with this colour in your life, increase its presence in your home until you feel you have reached your saturation point. Keep in mind; too much of a good thing is just too much.

You are better to acquire one larger, show-stopping piece (like a large green glass vase sparkling in a window), than to fill your home with tiny emerald nic nacs that will clutter your home and make it look junky. The bolder the colour you are accessorizing with, the more carefully you need to choose your pieces. Opt for larger statements that will immediately catch the eye of anyone entering your home for the first time.

Cheers to 2013, it is going to be an outstanding year. Someone should tell my fiancé that I need a large emerald pendant or ring to celebrate the colour I know you are all going to be wearing and decorating with in 2013. A girl needs to be fashionable, right?

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.