How colours in the home can enrich your life

I was eating dinner last night in a local restaurant and was left with a strong feeling of being unsatisfied.

I couldn’t put my finger on it; the food was excellent and the service was friendly and timely. When I looked at the whole experience I realized that it was the atmosphere in the restaurant that left me wanting, it was bland and cold! Life without colour is not something I enjoy.

Colour gives life to everything, when you are dining in a bold and vibrant restaurant it is stimulating to your emotions and your appetite. Lets take the Boston Pizza franchise for example. The colours, patterns and lighting in these restaurants are not chosen by accident. Design teams carefully put together items that will cause you to react emotionally.

They are high energy and full of visual ‘noise’ which keeps you on the edge and causes excitement, this makes you more inclined to order extra appetizers and drinks as you get caught up in the atmosphere. You may not even realize this is happening but I guarantee you are affected.

The opposite is true, as in a hospital or clinic – visual ‘noise’ is set to minimum to help relax patients. Soft colours such as pale green, creams and pink tones are often used to weave a peaceful environment to soothe those anxiously waiting to see a doctor.

Lighting is even and ambient noise is kept to a minimum, all working to create a ‘white noise’ sort of interior. The last thing a hospital or clinic wants to do is stimulate and aggravate a potential client – the polar opposite of Boston Pizza or a Las Vegas Casino.

We may not be conscious of the environment we exist in every day. Where do you spend most of your time and does the colour and environment of that space work harmoniously with the tasks you are performing?

Have you considered how things like the interior of your vehicle or the colour in your walk-in closet affects your morning routine? Small enhancements like lighting, colour and atmosphere can have an enormous impact on your day.

Starting your day in a calm or invigorating environment will have different benefits for different people. Some people need the sharp wake up, lots of noise and bracing cold showers while others want to ease into their day with a nice cup of tea and a soak in a tub with candles.

You know what works for you and it is important to have your environment reflect these needs. Colour plays a huge role in either stimulating or calming the senses.

If you are living your life in a static beige landscape, it might be time to add an injection of colour to your day. Chromo-therapy might be an easy and non-permanent way to kickstart your day using coloured lights to stimulate or soothe.

I advise clients to infuse their décor with their favorite colour using paint, fabrics and accessories. Even purchasing new bed sheets in a delicious colour might be enough to motivate you!

The next few months will be bleak and cold and grey, it is a good idea to warm up your life with some colour to help fight off the winter blues. It makes everything – like enjoying a meal, better and more satisfying.

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.

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