Home designs for your home-based business

Last week I had the joy of visiting my best friend in St. Johns Newfoundland, it was wonderful being back on the coast and experiencing the unique vibe culture and seriously relaxed vibe! While trekking around Cape Spear we toured an old lighthouse which was staged with relics of a long forgotten, simpler time when people had little and worked very hard for their possessions. Walking through that working home I had two thoughts – 1. I wouldn’t want to haul up and down those steps every day. 2. This could very well be one of the original home-based businesses!

My girlfriend runs her own home-based business in St. Johns and was an exceptional tour guide in between her business calls and emails.

The amazing thing is that we can now conduct business in our vehicles or standing on the coast watching the crashing waves at Cape Spear.

She has a designated office space which is set up with a beautiful desk and computer but she prefers the kitchen table with her Mac Book, cell phone and a large mug of tea.

The variety of home business start-ups are mind-boggling, I have visited clients who are running day homes, interior design businesses, import/export and many others who offer spa services and crafting right out of their homes.

Every business has its own challenges when it comes to designing the perfect space for conducting day to day transactions.

If you have a business that brings people into your home on a regular basis, it is necessary to create a separate space for your clientele that is professional yet does not interfere with daily life. If you are bringing a client in for massage therapy then you will want a tranquil space that isn’t adjacent to the kitchen where your family will gather for meal times!

Sometimes you have to give up the space in your home to accommodate your business.

The first job I had as a designer was with a (very) small design firm which was ran out of the home. The homeowner/designer had converted her basement to a showroom which had perfect access from the front door making it easy for clients to come in and visit us.

The drawback was that every window covering, fabric and wallpaper that was ordered had to go into the garage until it was delivered to the clients.

This meant no vehicles could be parked in her garage when work was busy as it was stuffed full of orders! The sacrifice was worth it as she enjoyed working out of her home and being around when her girls came home from school.

Your workspace may flow with your house or it may be completely separate depending on the needs of your business.

It may even have a completely different design style if you truly want a separation of work and home.

Creating a different design colour scheme may help you mentally transition from home to work as you go about your day.

To all of you entrepreneurs working from your homes every day, I salute you.

It isn’t always easy to give a part of your home over to your business but I’m sure the rewards of not having to commute everyday and to sometimes work in your bathrobe are worth the sacrifice.

Kim Wyse is an interior designer with Carpet Colour Centre.