Flex floor vinyl a great renovating solution

I truly believe we are near the end of winter, we made it!

Actually this winter wasn’t as bad as others and we had many breaks of lovely weather to help us through these past few months.

I can tell that spring is around the corner firstly because the snow is melting and secondly because more and more people are coming to visit our store looking ahead at spring projects. Many clients are looking to put a reliable, easy to clean flooring on their covered balconies or seasonal sunrooms and for most people indoor/outdoor turf is way too 1992.

They should be calling it out-outdoor turf.

Vinyl is the ticket for a lovely, low maintenance look for those areas which may not be consistently heated or will have greater fluctuations in humidity.

Flex floor vinyl is the perfect solution for these areas as it can be laid without adhesive.

The weight of the product itself is significant enough to help it stay put and will result in less problems if the space gets very cold as traditional vinyl glue does not like the cold!

Flex floor is also a wonderful solution for cold basements, laundry areas and mudrooms. The product is available in tile visuals and ‘wood look’ visuals and is a perfect solution for getting the hardwood look into an area that is not suited for actual hardwood or laminate.

Often areas with inconsistent humidity or moisture issues are not suitable for hardwood products yet the homey look of hardwood would fit right in – the solution is a vinyl alternative which will still give you the warm look of hardwood without the maintenance and headaches.

This flooring is moisture and mildew resistant and doesn’t require special humidity controls such as hardwood or laminate and boasts a dent resistant surface which makes it ideal for workout rooms and media areas.

The floor is thick and cushioned and is a treat to stand on even over long periods of time such as Thanksgiving dinner preparation.

It helps to warm up chilly floors and provides the perfect barrier against moisture or problem areas in your home. Both sides of this flooring are sealed with a moisture proof barrier which is non-absorbent and resists mildew growth.

If you accidentally leave your window open in your sunroom and snow blows in onto the floor you will have no worries if you wake up to a pile of snow on your new floor.

If you are looking ahead to warm summer evenings in your sunroom or enclosed porch and you need a new floor underfoot it might be time to look at flex floor vinyl.

Whether you desire the cool look of tile or a homey hardwood plank look it can be easily achieved with this innovative product.

There has never been an easier product to spruce up your enclosed outdoor space whether you loose lay it yourself or have it professionally installed.

Imagine, there is something better than hideous scratchy green turf for your seasonal retreat! The flooring industry has built a better mousetrap and by the record of this product’s popularity, the world is definitely beating a path.

The beauty of sheet vinyl is that any pattern or replication can be put on it and this opens you up to hundreds of wood and tile visuals with some whimsical patterns thrown in for fun.

Kim Wyse is an interior designer with Carpet Colour Centre in Red Deer.