MODERN FEEL - An elegant

MODERN FEEL - An elegant

Finding the courage to make those brave changes

Red Deer designer encourages you to take the plunge

What would it take for you to drastically change your life? A health scare? Perhaps a major shift in family dynamic? Let’s say you have been offered your dream job but it is in a far away land, remote and wild with only a simple roof over your head and no modern conveniences. Is there some ember that glows deep inside which calls you to pull up your roots and pack off to somewhere better, warmer or simpler? Do you have the courage to answer the call or are you waiting for the circumstances of life to force change?

The buzzword of this decade is downsizing; everybody talks about it and some people are brave enough to accomplish this conquering of the clutter. Those who talk about it but never make the move are interesting to me as I see a fear of the unknown and an unusual attachment to earthly possessions. They see the life they crave but are always beyond that step and for one obvious reason – they can’t let go of their stuff. The collection of perceived treasures and triumphs is often too much for some people to give up on and the sad part is that it is usually not anything that anyone would miss.

The bravery of people who clearly decide to change their life always astounds me. Years ago, I had friends who packed up their entire household of six people and moved to England to further education. They had masking tape on the walls and floors marking off an 8’ x 10’ shipping container where they stacked and re-stacked items in a months long endeavour to decide which items to take over on their two-year sojourn. The reality of what they had to sell or donate was overwhelming when you considered how large their home was and how small the flat was where they were relocating.

I met a lovely lady a year ago who, by the time I had met her again had lost a husband, sold an entire farm (including livestock) and had moved into a condo in the city. This woman had lived on a farm her entire life and when her husband passed she took it as opportunity to change her entire landscape and do a massive downsize and change. Her result is that she is happier and freer than she has ever been in her life. Was change hard? Absolutely, but it was the best decision for her in her current circumstances.

The decision to drastically change our circumstances requires a great deal of bravery and courage. It requires a complete shift in our priorities and a willingness to look at things from a completely different perspective. It requires trust in the one who guides our steps and who we pour our faith into that things in our life will work out for good. Are we brave enough to take this leap of faith and bungee jump into the unknown of a major life change regarding our living space? Can you see yourself giving into a drastic way of living whether in context or in geographical location and do you have what it takes to give up all of your creature comforts to live your dream life? Only you know the answer to this, I pray that you have the courage and fortitude to carry out your dreams.

Kim Wyse is a Central Alberta freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Ask a Realtor/Ask a Designer’.