Ensuring your home has an up-to-date feel

Tips to simply update your home

We spend time and money keeping current and while I don’t believe that we need to be on the cutting edge ALL the time, there is a fine line between being thrifty and just being out of date.

When it comes to the renovation process or when you are ready to sell your home, it is important to be current so that you can spend your money wisely and make your home the best it can be.

What dates your home? Here are a few basic things to be observant in your home.

COLOUR: Everything can be date stamped according to colour. The most recognizable trends are colour related and this is very true in home design.

Exterior and interior alike, the colours your home are sporting will show its age and appeal or repel people. Even though others can come in and change things to their own liking, it can be a harder sell if you are sporting a garish yellow exterior or mauve carpet and paint indoors.

Colour trends try to repeat over the years but there will always be a new twist or a new undertone on a colour. Check local interior stores to see what colours are being featured in paint, textiles and wood and try to incorporate them into your home.

SHAPE/SIZE: This is something that doesn’t always occur to people. Shape of tile, width of hardwood, size of blind slats – these items date the home and may need to be looked at for an update or a sale. For example, 6×6 and 6×8 tile (especially ones with borders on them) are very 1992 and usually a sign that a home needs updating.

Narrow, 2 ½” hardwood is very dated compared to the four inch or wider hardwood and will appeal less than the wider formats. The extremely narrow one inch hardwood is vintage width and should be kept but the other smaller formats should be considered for replacement.

PATTERN AND TEXTURE: We all have clothes in the back of our closet which are no longer in style but secretly, we really like them.

I have a knobby brown sweater I would never wear in public but covertly treasure it. This is the equivalent to the furniture most of us have stashed in our basement with the hopes that someday the kids will take it with them. Trust me, they won’t. All it’s doing is cluttering up your basement and making things look junky. Try to purge those items and donate them to a worthy cause.

WORN AND DAMAGED: This one seems obvious but I visit many homes with damaged and seriously worn and dirty elements.

What amazes me is when people have listed a home for sale and the walls have gouges in them and the light switches are covered with dirt – there needs to be some advice given there!

If you are wanting a quick pick up but can’t afford a big renovation, start with small fixes and polishes to make the interior seem loved.

Dated doesn’t have to be resigned to, you can chose a simple and inexpensive element for your home and make individual improvements on these items one at a time. Even a small improvement will help you feel better about your home.

Kim Wyse is a local freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Ask a Realtor/Ask a Designer’.