Discovering the latest in luxury design elements

This week I had the opportunity to see how the other half could live in Red Deer.

One of my fellow realtors was having a tour event at her condo listings and needed extra hands to conduct tours of the million dollar properties perched on the edge of the Red Deer river. I jumped at the opportunity to help and to get to view these one-of-a-kind units that have been built with luxury in mind.

As I toured the penthouse and the three other units for sale I was drawn into a dream-like world that is usually seen on TV through a dramatic viewing of real housewives or million dollar realtors in far away cities.

If you want to know what is current and what luxe finishes look like, these condos are the go to for savvy style and up to the minute finishes.

What I observed were pale walls, flat panel European cabinets and large format tile. Every line was simple and clean yet large for more visual impact. Tiles and fireplace surrounds were full to ceiling height and shower stalls soared with extended wall and ceiling tiles which made the shower stalls feel grand and luxurious.

These units had every imaginable upgrade from remote controlled blinds to fully integrated sound systems.

All appliances were top of the line; one of my favorite features was a built in induction cook top on the second kitchen island. Yes, one unit had two kitchen islands, a butler’s pantry, wet bar and a wine room – it was entertaining heaven and I felt very spoiled strolling around in the more than 5,000 sq. ft. sipping champagne!

Every unit had a different type of hardwood varying in tones from smoky grey to a wonderful rustic natural wood blend.

Clients can often have trouble blending rustic and modern styles but this particular condo made the blend work perfectly with a combination of satin cream and walnut cabinets.

The appliances were all covered in cabinet material making the kitchen look seamless and also made it fun to figure out where the fridge was located as we hunted for the delicious chocolate truffles we knew were hidden inside.

On the verandas (in a condo worth over $1.5 million you deem them to be verandas, NOT balconies!), you could stroll around and look at the beautiful river valley and appreciate the bold lines of the walking bridge.

I have never seen the river from this perspective and it was a breathtaking view of our beautiful City.

The veranda selection was vast and you were given all directions to view from the river to the brick stack of the dairy plant, all fabulous ways to see our City from a birds’ eye vantage point.

The Elements at Rivers Edge is a one of a kind building in a truly unique area.

It is a place to see and experience if you want to see modern design in its finest form.

The unique floorplans of each unit and the funky finishes and use of space and light are unprecedented in design in our City. It was an absolute feast for the eyes and sense and transported me to a booming metropolis as I dreamed of living the high life in my luxury condo.

Kim Wyse is a local freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Ask a Designer’.