Decorating your home with family in mind

Is there anything better in the world than family time? Our home is designed and decorated with family in mind. My husband and I love when the kids and grandkids come over and share meals and movies in our home. We have recently finished developing our basement in the anticipation that it will be filled with family throughout the year and during the holidays our wish was granted, the space was a great success and was used to its fullest.

Where is your favorite family spot? In a home I used to live in our favorite spot was actually outside at the fire pit which was used on a regular basis. It was almost an outdoor extension of our living room we spent so much time there! Talk about low maintenance design, some plants and gravel and a few lawn chairs – the fire provided the ambiance and colour. Now one of my favorite living and family spaces (besides the new basement) is the RV out at Pine Lake. We have more gatherings there than at our home and there is always tons for the family to do when they visit. Family spaces do not necessarily have to be traditional living or family rooms, many other spaces in your home can provide that perfect hang out spot for your loved ones.

The kitchen is no surprise, how often have we had a gathering only to keep tripping over people in our kitchen? If you have food, seating or even an island people will gather and stay in your kitchen, it is truly the heart of the home. I think sometimes peoples guilt keeps them nearby, they feel they should be helping out and when you insist you have it under control they still tend to hover – either that or they want a sample of what you are cooking!

When my daughter and her friends come to visit they generally hang out in my bedroom and we visit in the mornings. I seem to remember always wanting to hang out on my moms bed so I wonder if that is a generational girl thing. In surveying my co-workers I have deduced that many women I work with did NOT hang out with their moms in their bedrooms so I have concluded due to very scientific research that it is a MY family generational girl thing.

When you design your home or space (or RV) with family in mind it is a good plan to consider those who will be coming to visit. For example; many people in my family (myself included) and loungers. Feet up, blanket over the lap ready to chill. We are also not small people so ample sized comfortable furniture is a must! Cozy blankets are readily available and of course mom (me) is running snacks at every opportunity! What makes my family comfortable makes me happy and that is a wonderful combination.

Ask yourself, does my favorite family space invite my loved ones to unwind and enjoy my company? Have I included items to increase their comfort and am I willing to be open minded to any space in my home being family retreat space? We will definitely find more satisfaction after years of memories of family time then we will by having a perfectly decorated, untouched home.

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.