Day-dreaming about your ideal home

Your dream home awaits!

You have just received a ridiculous amount of money and you can live anywhere in the world – what do you now choose?

Sometimes its fun to dream about what the ultimate splendor in living conditions would look like and sometimes those destinations change as we surf through the Internet looking at dream homes which are for sale.

It may be the $1 billion mansion in Antilla, Mumbai that tickles your dreams or you may opt for doubling your investment and claiming the $500 million Villa Leopolda in the French Riviera for half the price! Your dream destination may be acres and acres of land beside a charming lake or you might want to flee to the clouds and purchase a penthouse on Fifth Ave. in Manhattan.

When you begin to allow yourself to look at different homes and different ways it is amazing how your mind starts getting creative and dreaming of a life outside of our own.

The dreams of living at an iconic address amidst the hustle and bustle of a big city can be crossed by the desire to live off the grid in our own slice of wooded heaven where we grow veggies and raise chickens.

The best option would be to have the funds to live in both and to have the time and the means to get away to a retreat from the city but that isn’t always possible.

For people who have lived in one area for the greater part of their lives it can be unimaginable to think about living anywhere else in the world.

I have a great admiration for people who are brave enough to move to exotic sounding places and who wholly embrace change and adventure in their lives.

I have dear friends who have been living in Bangkok for years in tight quarters in the midst of a hectic city who are now living in Dubai in a regular subdivision with a yard and oodles of living space. She posted a video of her ‘camping’ in her living room because her furniture is not yet delivered but instead of fretting about the late delivery she marvelled in the abundance of space she was experiencing.

I see clients who fret about moving a few blocks into nearly the same type of home they are currently living in and I wonder where we could go if we had an absence of fear and an abundance of funds.

Where would our unfettered mind take us?

Wouldn’t it be a joy to see the world and to experience living and functioning in another culture and climate? My friends tell me that in the grocery store they frequent in Dubai there is a ‘ham’ room where you have to go into the back behind a curtain to buy pork products much like adult video sections in long ago video stores.

I find those experiences and different shapes fascinating and hope that someday I’ll be brave enough to live outside my cube.

This is your invitation to dream, have a little fun and imagine where and how you would like to live if you had no restrictions. Let your mind go on a home search and just for pleasure, check out what types of properties are for sale in your dream destination!

Kim Wyse is a local freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Ask a Designer/Ask a Realtor’.

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